Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl - Super Relationship

Today is on of the most important days to a football fan. A conclusion of the football season tops off today with the Super Bowl. While the Colts and Saints are poised to take the top spot it gives you a chance to become closer as a couple. Even if you are not a football fan most people find themselves watching this game.

With all this in mind it is a good time for the two of your to set up a tradition. Maybe it might be inviting all your friends over for a Super Bowl Party or a major relationship bet on the game. Major relationship bets would include things that might involve chores, gifts or even sexual favors. Some ideas for chore bets would be the loser has to clean out the closets, or on the gift side the loser might have to fix a four course dinner for the winner. On the sexual side I will leave that one up to you.

Start the tradition today with this Super Bowl if you don't have on it place already. Then each and every year you will be ready knowing the Super Bowl is approaching. You might even start watching football a little closer if you can find some interest in the game. Which ever way you decide to celebrate that Super Bowl make sure to make it something the two of you can enjoy together. If nothing else the commercials can be entertaining as much as the game. So get your food ready and prepare for the battle and a relationship builder.

Picture above features Drew Brees and Peyton Manning the two competing quarterbacks in this years Super Bowl.

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