Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sexual tip - Simple change your angle

Want to find something that is simple to try in bed with your partner tonight. However, you don't want to scare them by introducing something they might not be ready for. Well by simply changing your angle of thrusting you can change and give different feeling to sex. This goes for both men and women. Women you can do this simply by turning around during sex. Ladies if you are on top then turn to face away from your partner (Reverse cowgirl) and see how much different it feels. Men for you you have to do a little more work to give your partner a different feel. One of my favorites is to thrust upwards instead of into the partner. This give a better change of hitting the g-spot during sex. Another great idea is to after you thrust and before you begin the return to lift your hips a little so the penis drags on the front of the vagina as it slips backwards. You can also circle your hips a little to try to stimulate different areas of your partner. If you have a little trouble with the different thrusting styles you can always incorporate the use of pillows. Purchase several pillows of different styles and shapes and place them areas such as under the back or butt. Maybe put them so that they elevate the legs or support areas that might be a little painful for your partner. Just make sure to get pillows that are washable as they might get a little soiled. Have a great day and a great night of sex.

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