Friday, February 5, 2010

"A relationship without passion is like a sword without a handle" - Zob

The quote in the title of this post bears a lot of weight into how you should be thinking about your relationship. Way to often in life we become comfortable and forget to work at one of the most treasured thing in our life, our relationships. We put them to the side for later or move them to the back burner hoping to get around to them sooner or later. Well this is the wrong way to keep a relationship healthy and active. You should do just the opposite, and let me tell you why. Your relationship dictates all your actions, you might think this is crazy but when you really think about it you know that it is true. After watching the movie The Secret, I soon realized that the power starts with you and those that are immediately involved in your life. This passion, if you will is like a snow ball and gains as it rolls down hill, and without passion you are at the bottom of the hill. How much harder is it to push that enlarging snowball up the hill? Chew on that for a minute. Try it out the next time you get a chance and really put some wonderful effort into your relationship, from every angle. Be loving, be caring, be sexual and be attentive and see what happens. I think you will find that your relationship will grow like a flower that gets all it needs to blossom in the warm summer sun. I am curious to hear from our audience as to how they feel on the subject so drop me a line at Look forward to your comments.

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