Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Quit making excuses.

Today is the day to start leaving the excuses behind. This goes for everything from your relationship, your future, your parenting, to your sex life. Stop hiding behind those excuses that you have build into your defense system. No more fears, sickness, whining, all you need is a boost of confidence. Here is a stat that got me off my butt and got me moving on my blogs and writing, most people fail at what they are doing, the success stories are about 1 in 1000. My feeling is if I try 1000 things then one of them will work and put me over the top. This goes for all your relationship need also. Most people will give up right before they get to that one thing that changes everything. I feel that this is the case in most divorces, that these people are just on the edge of getting into their groove when they decide it's not worth it. This is my message to your don't give up so easy, as long as there is no abuse or anything else that would put you in danger. Put forth the best effort you can at building the best relationship you can. Stop doing those things that are harming you relationship. Lower you defenses and replace them with effort. Go get counseling if you need it, suck it up. If sex is your problem make a commitment to start putting more effort into finding what works for the two of you. If you don't thing your parenting skills are as good as they could be then get your ass out their and read parenting books or scour the internet and find the information you need to make yourself the best parent you can be. Here is the secret to overcoming every problem that faces you in a relationship, are you ready? "Never stop trying to improve"

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