Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The nice slutty girl.

Ladies until you are in a relationship you have the been forced to decide what type of woman you wanted to be. Unfortunately the male gender has such a narrow mind of classifications for you. Two categories stick out in my mind nice and slutty. There were the types of girls you took home to meet mom and they type that you went out with for only one reason. First of all let me apologies for the male gender, and next let me say that with the open sexual attitudes today this thinking is breaking down fast. Onto my point for to days post, if you are viewing my blog then you are most likely in a relationship or married. Now you can combine all these things into one to create that best relationship you ever had. You can be super sweet, the girl next door while you are out in public and then when you get home you can put on your stiletto heels and make your bedroom a play room. If you have a great partner you no longer have to worry about them telling buddies in the locker room about what the two of you are doing. This gives you the freedom to explore your sexual desires and that make your painters life even better. I don't think you will find anyone that doesn't want a little more excitement in the bedroom . Plus being able to explore your own sexuality can be a real boost for you, too. Being the object of a persons affection is a great way to build confidence and it will bring the two of you closer also.

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