Thursday, February 18, 2010

Men be healthy and smile a lot.

I just read and interesting stat from The Journal of the American Medical Association that states to lower the risk of prostate cancer men should ejaculate 21 times or more a month. Wow, that is an amazing number of times in most months you would have to ejaculate every 1.3 days. I am sure that most of you guys out there will not approach your partner and suggest that you have sex 21 times a month. It would be great if that would work but it sounds like their might be some solo work involved in this health improvement. Gentlemen you might think this is over the top but if you have known anyone that has had prostrate troubles you might be a little wiser. For starters it feels good to ejaculate and it can be fun alone or with a partner so what is the problem. After all now it is a matter of health.

Prostate health is important and if you have issues with the traditional means of stimulating the prostate gland, there is a procedure called milking the prostate that requires rear entry but achieves the same results.

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