Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Make time for each other every day.

If you are not dedicating time to your relationship each and everyday then you are running the risk of your relationship stalling. I am not saying that you have to spend every waking minute together. However, there are areas of your relationship that need time to help it grow. You should spend some quality time together each and every day conversing. Speaking to each other about anything helps you keep the lines of communication open for when you really need to talk to each other about something important. I suggest spending about a half hour of your day should be set aside for the two of you to talk. At least once a week you need to set aside time to date each other. Be it a night out or just to get a movie and some popcorn and snuggle down on the couch. It is important to keep chasing each other if you will, dress up like you did when you were trying to impress each other and bring some fire back into your relationship. Lastly at least a couple of times a week you need to make time for intimacy. Passion is an important part of any relationship that survives and thrives. I have read many studies that say that the couples that are the most happy have a wonderful sex life. Get out of the dark ages and schedule your love making, this way you don't just leave it to chance plus when you know you are going to have a exciting round of love making your anticipation will make you a tiger in the bedroom. Relationship are like anything else in your life you have to give it the time that it need. Think about it how would your kids turn out if you didn't give them any time, what about your job, or the housework. I hope you are getting my meaning and will dedicate time to your relationship today.

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