Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Economy Sucks, time to make our own entertainment.

With the shape the economy is in today, couples are having to stretch every dollar they can. Their entertainment dollar is one that is effected greatly as entertainment is not as important as paying the mortgage, or eating. Couples are having to be creative in this time of crisis. Board Games are becoming popular again as well as renting movies to view at home. The one positive thing about this is, it gives couples a little more time to themselves. Time to get reacquainted with each other, and to rely on each other. You have to choose things together and not go your separate ways. There are several ways you can find entertainment that cost next to nothing if you put your mind to it. Create a entertainment co-op and enlist the help of other couples you know. Rent a movie and invite friends over to enjoy it together, have dinner parties, enjoy the outdoors more, but most important enjoy each other. Intimacy is another area you can use as entertainment this is a great time to find out each others likes and dislikes. Even thought the economy sucks you don't have to stop enjoying yourself, just find other less expensive ways to do it.

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