Monday, February 1, 2010

Blog about your feelings.

Need a great way to communicate your feelings towards the other person in your relationship? Why not blog your feelings! With the ease of use of today's blogging tools such as you can easily put up and take down a blog for the two of you. Both of you start a diary type of blog that tells how things made you feel and topics that might need to be discused but are a little hard to get flowing from the start. Then only give your blog address to your partner and make sure they only give you theirs. Then once a day you can read each others post and see how and why your partner is feeling the way they are. Again you can use it to make suggestions to your partner or even just a fun little communication tool for the two of your to use. I would suggest deleting post after you know your partner has read them just to be on the safe side you never know when someone might just stumble upon your blog by accident. Today's relationships are different then in the past but in my opnion they have the ability to be a lot better, because of technology.

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