Friday, January 22, 2010

When sex isn't an option use your hands!

There are times in your relationship that you might not be able or care to have sex, and that is quite alright. What happens when your partner wants to enjoy a little intimacy and for what ever reason you don't want to. Well that is why god gave your hands, among many other reasons. You can use your hands to pleasure your partner now matter if your man or woman. There are many different techniques, methods, and even toys to help you in the pursuit. Remember just because you are not in the mood or feeling like it doesn't mean your partner should have to suffer or resist their urges. Handjobs are the obvious answer to anyone and you can give them to males and females alike. The book Red Hot Touch in our Amazon side bar is a great read for learning more about this type of enjoyment. Oral sex is another option that most people enjoy receiving and can be quite as nice as any other form of sex. Today they are also many toys that can be used to achieve satisfaction and can be use by or on your partner. Masturbators for men and vibrators and dildos for women are great tool to get your partner off when you just don't feel like it. The important part is being together, if your really don't feel like assisting in any matter then tell them you would love to watch them pleasure themselves and at least the two of you are together instead of in the other room away from each other during orgasm. Don't doom your partner to sexless nights because you are not in the mood both of you are important parts to this relationship and both your feelings are important. So instead of saying, "No way" to your eager partner find another way to excite them, that way both of your needs get met.

Above is a picture of the Tenga Egg the newest technology in masturbation for men.

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