Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wear Underwear the accents your features.

Unless your a model the only person the probably sees your underwear is your partner. That doesn't mean you shouldn't be active in picking underwear that makes helps you look sexy. I hear so much from people that they don't understand why their partner wears nice underwear to work but then at home wears things that are a little more, well unsexy. Tighty Whities, Granny panties, or just old tattered underwear are just a few that pop into my mind. Next time you know that your partner will see you in your underwear give them a show. Parade around in front of them with some sexy Victoria Secret special panties or a thong are bound to gain attention of your partner. Men make sure the underwear you select accents your manhood well. You can even give it a little rubbing to draw more attention to it. With any luck your partner will be overcome with passion and quickly want to explore your underpants a little more.

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