Saturday, January 16, 2010

Smoothies, fun and enjoyable.

Kitchen chores such as cooking and cleaning are usually not much fun. However making smoothies with you partner can not only be fun but it can be health for you also. Plus the clean up is a breeze. First of all make sure you have a great blender for this adventure. If not you can pick one up on your next step, which is to get your butts to the store. Search the aisles for fruits and juices you enjoy. Things like bananas, pineapple, blueberries, orange juice, kiwi, the list goes on and on but these will be your ingredients for your smoothie. I personally like to make mine with milk or cream, but that is what I like. Now once you get home here is where the fun starts. Cut up your items that need to be downsides for the blender making sure to feed each other a piece from time to time. Now to make this smoothie a couples smoothie you have to take turns adding ingredients. Pick your base, it can be a juice base or my preference milk based. Next start adding the other ingredients one by one with both of you taking turns picking your favorite. Once all items are in the blender, blend away and then pour into some special glasses and enjoy your personal couples smoothie. Oh, I forgot about the easy clean up, open up the door of the dish washer and up in the blender and utensils used to downsize the ingredients and presto you are done.

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