Monday, January 4, 2010

Other uses for Lotion (Men this is directed at you)

With the cold winter weather we are having right now one thing you need to do is keep your skin soft. Rough hands are ones that no one wants to hold or get touched by. Men if you are the type of guy who's hands get rough during these months it is time to use that lotion in the bathroom for something other then what you normally use it for! Make it a point to lotion your dry hands every time you get out of the shower. Anytime you go to the bathroom and wash your hands apply another dose of this wonder. Soon you will start to feel that your hands are getting soft and less abrasive. This makes massaging your partner much much better, not only for you but for them also. No longer will you snag your dry skin on their clothes or make them shy away when you try to touch them. Now more than ever they will enjoy your hands on their naked body. Plus it is better for the other use of the lotion also (wink wink) Now go out and get those hand soft and ready.

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