Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Keep your partner comfortable with the changing of the season.

Right now where we live it is cold and snowy but before we know it the weather will change and the heat will be unbearable. Keeping your living space livable is your mission. Do you have extra blanket in the areas your partner will frequent during the cold months? Places where they like to curl up and read or on your bed to keep warm and snuggly? With these simple things as placing a blanket somewhere can really improve you stock in the relationship. Maybe whipping up some hot chocolate or buying some warm slippers will not only help keep the blood pumping in your partner but will also help you keep your fuel bills down. Same goes for the summer hot months do you have fans ready for the really hot days. Again, offering some ice cold drinks would make you look like a saint as the mercury in the thermometer rises. Make sure you also have all your clothes ready for the changing of the seasons also. Sweaters and sweatshirts for fall and winter and shorts and t-shirts when spring and summer roll around. By keeping your partner comfortable you will reap the rewards as they have to thank you is some manner.

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