Saturday, January 30, 2010

Great Date Place on a budget - The Library

You might not think that the Library is a great place for a date but think about it you have several thing at the library to help with all your dating needs. Your local library has a lot more than books if your is anything like ours. They have DVDs, books on CD, and periodicals. Now you are still probably scratching your head and wondering how the library can be a great place for a date. Well if you don't have much money to spend on a date the two of you can browse the movie section of your library, while they may not have all the current releases they are sure to have something that is romantic for the two of you to watch. Think of all the great old movies that you haven't seen in a while, most likely you can find these at your library. Next the two of you can do a little scavenger hunt by looking for information on something that the two of you would like to get into once your budget isn't so limited. Maybe you both want to try skydiving one day well you can start finding all kinds of books on the subject and begin doing research on the topic so that when your finances allow it you will be ready. Finally the two of you can look up items that can spice up your relationship, things like self-help books on ways to be a better lover, or erotic literature to read to each other. Maybe even a book on budget travel to help you get to the destinations you want to venture to. One thing the library does is give you the information you need to learn about any topic on the face of the planet, so apply for your library card today and enjoy the look on your partners face when you ask them on a date to your library.

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