Monday, January 25, 2010

Get over your fear of Masturbation.

One thing you need to do to have a healthy and happy relationship is to get over your fear of masturbation. Almost everyone masturbates they just don't talk about it. Just because your partner is pleasuring themselves doesn't mean your relationship is on the rocks. It means that masturbation feels good, you don't think your relationship is going down the tubes because your partner is exercising do you. If they thought of your partner masturbating is hard for you to understand then think of it as exercise, this way they are in great sexual shape to satisfy your needs. My suggestions to couples is to do it together that way it is more intimate and the one partner doesn't feel like they are sneaking around to get this pleasure. I understand that they way many people were brought up that masturbation was a taboo and forbidden practice well I am here to tell you that most of the people who told you that were masturbating also. Masturbating with a partner the first time is a little nerve racking I understand that but you have so much to gain from this action. For starters your partner is going to see how you like to be pleased, they are also going to most likely get turned on by your actions, and it can be very intimate once you get comfortable doing it. Think about it while your making yourself feel good your partner can be caressing your body, whispering in your ear, or even masturbating with you. Now if you don't think those things are sexy then you need some help. Lastly this helps us in our relationship by calming the seas between the differences in our libido. Now you can encourage your partner to let you watch them instead of just flat out telling them you don't feel like it. Masturbation can also help with areas like premature ejaculation, understanding, and even a little role playing. Some women enjoy when a man masturbates before they make love because it makes it a little smaller for it's next go around. You can find plenty of great books to help you and your partner gain trust and experience in mutual masturbation and you can search for them by clicking on my Amazon side bar.

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