Saturday, January 23, 2010

Feeling Flirty

One thing that we lose when we get into a relationship is the focus we put into flirting. We feel that we have got our mate so there is no use putting the extra effort into this ritual of attraction. Well I am here to tell you that flirting should continue as long as you both still have a heart beat. Why would you want to stop doing something that tells the other person you are interested in them as well as you are still attracted to them? Wouldn't our relationships stay stronger if each and every day we felt like we had to impress our partner? Maybe if you flirt a little more your sexual relationship would get better also. Flirting is an art form that we need to continue to improve each and every day and if you have a partner you have a great advantage at focusing on this skill. You can be a little more out going in your flirtation when you know your partner cares about you already. Tonight give a little wink or a stare and make sure you partner knows that you still want to chase them a little!

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