Sunday, January 10, 2010

Depriving yourself a little make everything a little better when you get it.

Depriving yourself of the wonders of life sometimes make them that much better when you finally do get to indulge in them. Take for instance deserts, they are not that great for you but if you partake of them all the time you get fat. However if you go without them for a period of time they taste so much better, when you finally get them. Sex can be the same for you. Think about it if you had sex every single day it might not be as special. Don't get me wrong I am not telling anyone to go even more then a week without sex. Sometimes, however a couple of days of rest helps you build up and be ready to go longer and stronger then ever. The next time you make love wait about 3 days before enjoying it again and see how anxious you get while you are waiting. Now to make this work right make sure not to masturbate either so you get a total build up that is ready to release. I know from my personal experience that if I put a little buffer in their the night I finally do get to have sex again I can usually perform way better and more often. Plus if you let that sexual tension build up a little the release seems to be way more amazing. Again let me reiterate that I don't believe that you should wait to long because sex is great for your health and mental state.

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