Sunday, January 31, 2010

Be prepared as a couple.

Recently our furnace when out, during the middle of winter. Upon finding out from our local heating and cooling specialist that we needed to purchase a new furnace, we also were told that they couldn't put said furnace in for three days. This threw our whole relationship on tilt as we had to figure out how to live in just a couple of rooms in our house with only the heat of space heaters. Being the couple that we are we found all the blankets in the house and our warmest clothes to put on and sit about to snuggle the weekend away. It sounded like a great idea and we both figured that if nothing else we might find time to have a little fun under the blankets. To our dismay the temperature dropped to the lowest point in had been all year and instead of using the friction of our naked bodies to keep us hot, instead we found us in flannel sheets with pajamas on snuggling to stay warm. Neither of us even considered taking our clothes off for even a short time, so there was going to be no intimacy during this time, or was there? Turns out the snuggling without the thought of sex send us back to a simpler time and we talked and snuggled as much as we could. We watched some great movies and ate or dinner with blankets wrapped around us. We all make fun of the snuggies but believe you, I would have loved to had one at this time. We spent a wonderful three days together saying warm and reconnecting with the use of conversation and snuggling. Don't get me wrong as soon as the heat was back on we both were ready to pounce on each other. However, it was nice to go back to a simpler time when all you needed was your partner to get through any situation. The rock that is called a relationship is sometimes way more powerful then we think. In closing make sure your relationship can handle all these bumps in the road, because they will come when you least expect it and their is no one better to ride out these situations with then your partner.

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