Friday, January 15, 2010

Are you the aggressor in your sex life, if not become one tonight.

Usually one person in a relationship is the more aggressive one when it comes to initiating sex. If that is not you, then tonight I want you to suck it up and be the aggressor. What a shock to your mate if you are the one that hunts them down to make love. This might be a little hard for you but your mate will truly love it. If you can't go full out then at least make some sort of effort. Nothing shows you partner that you love them more then breaking out of your normal routine to show them you care. Wear something sexy, send naughty text messages to them, passionately kiss them when they least expect it, turn off the television and give them a look that cannot be mistaken, what ever you do make it bold and direct statement. Tonight you be the jungle cat stalking it's prey, just don't break the skin when you bite.

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