Saturday, December 19, 2009

Chap stick could save your relationship!

The time is here for bitter winter weather and if you are not prepared it can greatly effect your love life. As the wind whips across your lips it can make them dry and chapped. Chapped lips make for lousy kissing and without kissing passion seems to take a back seat. Have you ever heard any one say, "Oh your chapped lips are so sexy" Of coarse not it is the exact opposite. Protection is a must so you need to stock up on Chapstick and lip balm for those days when you must be out in the cold and windy conditions. Make it a point to carry a tube around with you at all times so that you don't have to search for one. With that said always keep a spare around because these little tubes of sex life saving product seem to get misplaced quite often. This post might seem a little silly right now but you will be thanking me the next time you start making out and your partner enjoys your lips, instead of complains about them.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Start you count down!

With just a week to go before Christmas if you haven't started your Christmas countdown you need to start. Think of a way to count down these last few days before the wonderful day of Christmas. Weather it be a kiss or a hug each day with the number of days left or a sign above your bed. Get each other several little presents to pass back and forth each of the remaining days until Christmas. Take turns being the aggressor in your sex life, on the odd days you take the lead and let your partner get their way on the even days left until Christmas. Watch a different Christmas show each day, wrap so many presents each of the number of days left, or just take a toy and donate it to a local charity that gives them out at Christmas time to mark the closing in on Christmas. Whatever you decide make it fun and important to your and your partner.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Silent Night

One of the best things about winter is snow. A romantic thing to do is watch and listen as the snow falls. Unless you are in a busy part of town it is one of the quietest sounds you can't hear. The snow falls so quiet and just watching it makes you want to curl up with the person you love. I picture a very quiet snow fall every time I hear the song Silent Night. For me it is very relaxing to watch the snow fall with it's quiet rhythm. Sitting with my love and drinking hot cocoa is the thing I want to do every time I see the snow start to fall. For those of you that live in a warmer climate I have included a video from youtube below so that you can get the feeling, too.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Get your Game on for after the Unwrapping on Christmas.

Now is the time to think of what the two of you are going to do after all the presents are unwrapped and the food has been digested. Go out and pick up some games that will be fun, whether it is just the two of you or the whole family. Pick some games that can get everyone involved find one that has questions that you can ask each other or other members of your family that are still hanging around. Board games are nice but they don't allow you to get comfortable as you have to sit around a table so you have room for the board. I would suggest just taking the cards and go around the room asking questions to each other. One of my favorite game of all time is the Loaded Questions line. The questions really get you thinking as you have to explain your answer and their are no right or wrong answers it really helps you to get to know someone better by playing. Not only is it fun but it is a great conversation starter for times when everyone is being quiet. Click on the title of this post to go to the Loaded Questions Game Site, they even have an adult version that you can play after you kick everyone out of the house.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Get yourself a little something this year.

This may sound a little zany but go out and purchase yourself a little something this year. When you get home wrap it up and on the name take put that the present is to you and from your partner. Don't speak a word of the present and only put it under the tree when you have lots of other things under it also. When it comes your turn to unwrap it you have to put on a good act and pretend like you don't have any idea what it is. Go overboard thanking your partner for getting you such a wonderful present and see how they react. Maybe right away they will say, "I didn't get you that" or "Where did that come from". After seeing your reaction they might just take the glory on picking out the wonderful present. Just watch the look on their face it will be priceless.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Do a little shopping for the two of you!

This the season to be jolly and what better way then to buy something fun for the two of you. In this day and age is is so easy to find something with a little spark to it without going somewhere that you might be seen by your neighbor, your childrens teachers, or even you minister. The internet allows couples to browse and choose items to spice up their relationship without ever leaving the comforts of their home. No more sneaking around or standing a few aisles over to look at the item you want to share with your partner. When you order over the internet even the packaging is descret, so you don't have to worry about your mailperson or neighbor finding out what is in the box. This fact alone has helped couples branch out a little and try new things to improve the sex in their relationship. Tonight get out the hot cocoa and find a online sex toy shop that fits your bill and do a little shopping for the couple in you. Take turns picking out a toy or do a random search and pick what ever you turn up. Then try it out and see what happens you never know until you try and try and try again, see where the fun comes in on this.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Best Present Under The Tree!

We have all thought about making love under that Christmas Tree at some point and time in our lives. My question to you is "What are you waiting on?" This would be a great Christmas memory to relive over and over with your partner. Think about it you have flashing lights, wonderful views and ornaments to be burned into your memory of this wonderful event. Set up a little pallet under the tree and get busy. Take precautions such as making sure the children are asleep, or that you can't see the tree from your front door or windows, and don't do it on a night you are expecting company. No one whats to explain why a pair of panties are hanging from a branch of your Christmas tree. Pull out some Christmas carols and make it a yearly event for the two of you. This is a great way for you to get out of the bedroom with your passion, just don't squish any breakable presents in you frolicking.