Saturday, November 21, 2009

How Romantic are our Readers?

The results of the romantic level of our readers are in and they show the following. 40% of our viewers report that they feel they are way above average when it comes to romance. While another 40% of our readers feel that they are average or above average when it comes to romance. 20% admit that they suck at romance but also say that is why they come to The Couples Spot to learn how to make their relationship better.

Friday, November 20, 2009

PIck a show and get into it together.

We all know that dating is important to us but have you ever set a date to watch a certain show each week? Try to find a show that you both enjoy and make a date to sit together and watch it each and every week. Any show will work from a version of CSI to house hunters on HGTV. Maybe it might be a sport for the two of you, say for instance you both a Red Sox fans then watching a game could be your forte. The idea of this is to get you in a regular routine of sitting down with each other with a common goal in mind. Not to mention this will bring you closer the more you get into the show. You might even find yourself discussing what might happen next in the show your conversing over the major issues of the show. As a couple you need to find things that you can do together as well as apart. Pick your shows and make it a date by adding snacks or drinks if you like and then snuggle down in your big chair and relax and watch together.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Invite her friends over to watch the game!

You know it is so easy to invite your friends over to watch the football game or any other sporting event. You just call them up and the will be there with beer under their arm. Have you ever thought to invite you wife or girlfriends friends over? This would be a great show of togetherness. This way that special woman in your life doesn’t just have to listen to your chest bumping friends. Next time you are planning to have the guys over ask her if she would like to invite some of her friends over and make it a little party. This way if your partner is not into the game they will have something to do or someone to talk to. One word of caution however don’t start letting your friends ogle over hers make it clear to them this is not an attempt to fix anyone up. If she agrees to this make sure you have items both sets of friends will enjoy snacking on and drinking. Cans of Beer and chips are not usually the ladies first choice. This might also get your partner to take a little more interest in sporting events if they don’t already. By making it more of a social event you might hear them saying “When is the next game?”

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wearing your husbands/boyfriends clothes

Something you can do that is sexy for both of you is to wear you husband/boyfriends clothes. Not only is is sexy for you to get into his clothing but it is special for when the man comes home to find you in his clothes. Unfortunately it doesn't work well the other way, so men you are out of luck. Unless you are into that sort of thing but it still in my opinion doesn't carry the same weight. To me this action by the woman says "I miss you" or "Come get me" To heighten the effect don't wear any underclothes under his clothes and let him find that out when he gets home. Any of the mans clothes will do from his sweatpants and shirts do a nice dress shirt with no pants on. The images of you in these outfits will be stuck with him for a while, plus your scent will be in his clothes so the next time he puts them on he will think of you. Ladies you now have permission to go through our closet.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Laughter IS the best medicine.

Have you ever been troubled by something so much that at some point and time you just burst out laughing? For some unknown reason at a really unusually time you start to chuckle with any control over it. This is your body telling you to lighten up. Sure what ever the problem is will need to be taken care of but you can't make yourself sick over worrying about it. This is where you as a good partner and lover take over. If you partner is feeling down about something you need to bring them up with some laughter. Make fun of the situation or crack some jokes, while this might not make things better it might open the persons mind to find a reasonable solution. When you think negative, negative things happen. You could also go out to see a funny movie or visit the local comedy shows anything that would make people laugh. Heck if you don't have any money then get on youtube and find some hilarious videos of people being stupid, they are all over the place. Believe me once the person gets some good laughter in the problem will be put in a new light. You being a caring and considerate person can help you partner when you see this happening, so break out the rubber chicken and practice your jokes.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Want a fun and romantic way to improve your relationship?

How long has it been since you looked deep into your partners eyes? Most people probably can't remember how long it has been. Well tonight do me a favor and stare deep into your partners eyes. While you are doing thing breath in their breath as they exhale. Some of the tantric practices state that this exercise helps to bring two partners closer together. I personally believe that not only does this bring you closer together but it also it a great way for the two of you to start your day. So often we just rush out the door, give each other a little peck on the check and don't see each other until the end of the day. Wake up 5 minutes earlier and breath with each other, heck you don't even have to get out of bed if you don't want to (Unless the morning breath is to strong, LOL) but seriously set some time aside to practices this eye gazing and breathing. You can feel so much through looking deep into someones eyes and taking in their breath is a great way to become part of them.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dates don't always mean you will be alone!

When you get a chance to go on a date with your partner you need to think about it a little before you head out. First of all are you wanting to be alone during the date. If you are want to only focus on each other then you need to avoid places that you might run into people you know. For instance if you choose to go bowling you might run into some friends there and end up spending your date with several people. If you want to be alone then pick places that will let you be away from others. Places such as restaurants where you get your own table and people just can't walk up to you at any point and time, plus they will have their own table to enjoy. Once you have made your decision as to which type of date you want you will be better prepared for the evening. If you decide to go someplace where the public frequents be prepared to run into someone you know. If this does happen then don't shy away from the other people, you don't want to look like snobs. The other night I was at our local bowling center and a young couple came in to get an alley and several of their friends came running up asking them to come bowl with them. The young lady said no lets get our own lane, and while everyone knew they were on a date, it still seemed like a snub to the others. So if you want to be alone on our date go someone place where you can be alone, but don't hold it against your friends if you go to a place that several people frequent it's just not fair to either of you.