Saturday, November 14, 2009

Results of Importance of Sex Survey

The couples spot readers are split on the importance of sex. 50% of our readers think that sex is as important to a relationship as food and water are to life. While 33% feel sex is great but not important to the relationship and 12% feel sex is a benefit of sex but no important to the relationship. While they might be split on weather sex is important or not they all agree that sex is wonderful and a benefit in a relationship. Sex it up couples and don’t forget to play it safe.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Write poems for each other.

We all view poetry as being romantic, however most of us think we are really bad at writing it. Well within your relationship you don't have to be a world renown writer of poetry. Put some humor into it and make it personal. Heck you can even make it sexy. The point is to make your partner feel good and if you make them laugh you get an added bonus. If you want to write a mushy poem for your lover that is good too but don't think you have to be perfect on each line for it to be important to you lover. If you are too timid to write your own poem then read a great poem from an author you enjoy to your partner. Some couples enjoy reading erotic poetry to each other as a form of foreplay. What ever way you can do it put some poetry into your relationship. Romance and poetry go hand it hand. Below is an example of a silly poem that just might get your partner laughing a little.

Sweetheart I love you from the bottom of my heart.
Because you love me even if I fart.
I love to kiss your pretty lips
and I adore the way you move your hips
Sometimes I find myself daydreaming of your beauty
and sometimes I just want to squeeze your booty.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Take advantage of 2 for meals

A great way to enjoy a evening out without breaking the bank is to take advantage of the current craze of the all inclusive meals. Several restaurants around are offering a complete meal for $20. Now that is a value for a night out. Now of coarse any drinks are extra, but recently my wife and I went to Chili's and we quite surprised at what we got for $20. We went away feeling full and had enough food left over to eat it for supper that night. Some of the other we went to had scaled down versions of their meals but not Chili's these were full portions. I almost felt kinda guilty getting our meal for this amount. Needless to say we were please and will return to try something different. Not only to toot Chili's horn but you need to look around and check out the specials if it works for you why not save a little money, if you feel bad leave a huge tip like I did.

Click on the title of this post to go to Chili's web site to see what they offer on their $20 special.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"The Darla Show" on Twitter, Don't miss it.

If your are on Twitter during the evening you owe it to yourself and your relationship to take a peak at The Darla Show. Basically it combines a call radio type of format but incorporates it with Twitter. Viewers type in their questions and answer the questions that Darla post. The questions are about sex and relationship and are sometimes pretty humorous. I use it as a little research as well as just a relaxing time spent in front of the computer. The great part of this is that Darla's viewers are polite and considerate. You don't get people that are just being stupid and trying to disrupt the show. I love to hear what people around the world thing about the questions posed to them on the show. Darla keeps the talk flowing and adds her comments at just the right time. I personal think a couple should sit down together and answer the questions presented. It would be a great way to get somethings out in the open that maybe someone was afraid to bring up. So give The Darla Show a try tonight I am sure you will either learn something or at the very least laugh a little. By clicking on the title of this post you can quickly get to The Darla Show, just have your twitter user name and password ready. You can also check out some of the older posts to see what the show is about.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Don't judge sexual past.

One of the biggest mistakes I think couples make is letting each other know to much about their past relations. Besides when you decide to be fluid bonded with a person or want to have children the sexual past of the other person shouldn't matter. What is their to gain by knowing who your partner had sexual relations with before you. It only adds for conflicts during your relationship if you encounter these people. Unless you are childhood sweethearts that never dated anyone else chances are pretty good that your partner has had sex with someone else before they were involved with you. That doesn't make them love you any less or make them desire that person over you, it just means it was a learning process. Do not press your partner for past details of his/her sexual past and don't ever compare your current sexual experiences to those you have had in the past. Everyone is different and part of the fun of being in a relationship is learning what each other enjoys. You have to understand that your partner didn't start living the minute the two of your met. Past relationships have no bearing on your current one unless you let it. Keep you sexual past to yourself and don't expect your partner to share it with you, if you let them these past sexual experiences will haunt you and make your current relationship a struggle.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Respect your partners work!

Have you ever had on of those day where it seems like your partner is constantly doing something around the house. Be it chores, or fixing something they seem to be busy all day. Do you feel guilty like you need to be doing more but don't really have anything to do or complete within the time frame. Well instead of trying to find something to match what your partner is doing, why not find a way to reward them for their hard work. Maybe you could fix them a special dinner or take them out. How about treating them to a sexy little evening where they just relax and you make them very happy. Sometime just simply telling them thank you or giving them a great big kiss is a great way to tell them you appreciate them. If you try to match them in completing chores around the house, then all that happens is you are both tired at the end of the day. We all want to be babied a little at time so relax and get ready to take care of your partner after they finish what they are working on. If you are struggling in a way to thank them, remember this a massage goes a long way to making someone feel special.