Saturday, October 31, 2009

Our Viewers respond to what kissing means.

Your views on kissing seem to push towards the fact that you like to kiss. 33% of you believe kissing should be a requirement, while 26% feel like it is a part of everyday life. Kissing feels good and is part of foreplay was what 13% of our viewers felt and 6% wish it was an Olympic sport or required by law. Not one vote came in for the negative aspects of kissing. Go ahead and kiss away it is fun and exciting and gives you plenty wonderful feelings.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Make a fun Halloween Dinner!

We all know that candle light dinners are a staple for the romantic. Since it is Halloween why not make a spooky dinner for you partner (and kids if you have them) Get some old spooky looking table settings and then purchase some fake spider webs to dress up the table. Then pick out some crazy and spooky recipes from this link
Halloween Dinner Ideas
Then create your meal and invite your partner to a halloween dinner if they dare. Top off the night by
Playing silly Halloween music like the song "The Monster Mash" Later you can slip into a costume
that might not be so child oriented, if you know what I mean. (wink wink)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Is Foreplay Foreign to you?

Foreplay is always in everyone’s sexual vocabulary but do you really enjoy it or is it just part of the process. In my opinion foreplay should be a large part of any sexual experience. When you think about it the actual act of sex doesn’t last very long, but when you add the foreplay in you can make sex last a very long time. Most women can benefit from extended foreplay as in most cases it takes women a little longer to get heated up. You should explore many different types of foreplay and don’t get into a routine of doing the same thing over and over. This is easy to do when we find something that works. Set up signals or simply say when you like something, unless your partner is a mind reader they might not automatically know what feels good to you Remember this also, foreplay can encompass the whole body not just the genitals. Any were from the feet to the scalp can be an erogenous zone. The one performing the foreplay can use different parts of their body to heighten the mood, fingers, tongues, and lips are the normal ones but feet and forearms work to stimulate places also. A good thigh position can enhance your foreplay in many ways. If you want to know more pick up some reading material that will help you explore erogenous areas on the body. Another great idea is to set up an amount of time before any penetration can happen, I would suggest a half hour to start with and see what happens. Remember foreplay is for you and for you partner so use it to the max.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Appreciation Day

Appreciation is something that we take for granted. Think about it for a minute, how often do you thank your partner for what they do? We all feel like we do so much and the no one can possibly do as much or be as tired as us. Run through your partners day sometime and see how busy their day is. I am sure once you go through everything they do, you will see that their day is just as busy as yours. We need to appreciate their actions and what they do, sure we can sulk and say, "Well they don't appreciate what I do." That however will only lead to neither of your appreciating each other. Break the cycle and give them a big kiss the next time they take out the trash or cook supper. If you have trouble finding something to appreciate them for all you have to do is think of something they do that you don't have to. Things such as chores around the house or doing something for you children maybe it is something as little as letting you sleep in a little. I am sure that once you start looking you will find a great deal of things to appreciate your partner for. Kisses and saying thank you are great ways to show appreciation, if you want to do more you could set up a sexy little evening for your partner, or get them some tickets to their favorite show or sporting event. Taking them out of a wonderful date would be great for any appreciation. Now the next time you want to criticise them about something think about all they do for your relationship and forget that negative thing a focus on a positive one.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Get your Christmas Shopping on Now.

I was in our local discount store just two days ago and saw that they were putting up the Christmas decorations and supplies. My first reaction was, "Man it's not even Halloween, yet!" Then I thought about it a little longer, and what a great idea. One of my biggest complaints is that we spend all the weekends right before Christmas Shopping we don't get to spend these weekends at home enjoying the season. I would much rather be making cookies with my partner (and kids), listening to Christmas Carols and watching those famous Christmas Cartoons. However instead we are doing the hustle and bustle looking for those last minute things we need to pick up. I challenge all of you do get 90% of your Christmas shopping done by the end of November. I did this a couple of years in a row and man those were great years. It was easy to get the shopping done, my spouse and I didn't fight or dread doing the shopping. Sure their were some things that came out later the kids wanted but all I had to do was zip in and pick up that item only. Then the whole month of December was ours to enjoy.

Start making your list today, and get those hard to buy for people out of the way the only thing you should have to buy during the month of December should be for your kids or partner. Then on the weekends during the holidays spend them going caroling, or attending friends parties or even have your own Christmas party. Lastly just spend some quiet time with you partner sitting in a chair with the fire a blaze and the snow gently falling outside. While you sip your warm cocoa think of all the poor suckers out their running from store to store.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Light Bondage.

We all know that bondage is present in a lot of relationships. Yes, it is a little scary to partake in this practice and you have to totally trust your partner. While I personally don't endorse hurting or demeaning your partner, in any way, I do think a little restraint can be fun. When most of us think about bondage we think of a dungeon and whips and chains. That might be the way some people approach, and again I like my sex a little more on the safe side. However light bondage is something that isn't as dangerous or as involved. You can purchase items to restrain your partner at any discount store. I would suggest getting something they can get out of easily, thus giving them the peace of mind to know they can stop at any time. If you go to you can see several different items but I would suggest going to the section on bedroom bondage for some more tame items. If the fear is just to great for you to try being tied up then get some handles to add to your bed or furniture. Handles will allow you to grip and pull but you can still hold on while the feeling increases, this might just push you to new highs during your orgasm. Never, Never, Never use anything you are uncomfortable with and do some research before you try anything different in the way of bondage. Light bondage can add a little excitement to your relationship but just remember to take turns everyone deserves a chance to the be one tied up and the one that is in command. Click on the title of this post and check out the Extreme Restraints web site just make sure you are over 18.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Moods Swings... they happen.

You know how everything is going along great and then something happens to change your partners mood. They go from being a calm loving person to a cold and harsh person. We as their partner have to understand that they cannot possibly be in a good mood all the time and these things will happen from time to time. What we need to watch is how often they are happening. If it is a daily occurrence or a lot more often then normal, we might need to do some digging. Think of things outside the house that might not be seen by you. Things that are going on a work seem to be a big cause of this discomfort in your partner. They so often want to shelter us from their problems at work, as they feel it is not our problem. When this happen you need to put your listening skills to the test. Don't offer suggestions or ways they can correct the problem unless they ask you. Listen and listen some more, most likely getting things out in the open and off their chest will help as much as anything. The last thing you want to do is try to correct them during this time as then they feel you are against them, too. The best help you can be with these problems that swing your partners mood is to listen and be the shoulder to lean on. Sure sometimes you just want your happy person back but to get them back you need to help them get through whatever is bothering them.