Saturday, October 24, 2009

How does our Viewers relationships stack up.

In our resent survey on the state of your relationship we find our viewers run the gambit. Each of 4 selections netted 25%. While we have relationship viewers that are wonderful and fine we also have several that are in need of help. That is why we are here we want to help you with your problems or things that need adjustment in your relationship. Send us your questions everything is kept quiet and your name or email will not be given out we just want to help. In contrast we would love to hear what works great for you in your relationship so send that to us also. Use the email address

Friday, October 23, 2009

Make time for one passionate kiss a day.

Days are busy and nights are sometimes even worse. Sometimes it feels like couples just seem to be passing like ships in the night. It's not that we don't love each other it is just that our lives are busy and there never seems to be enough time to get everything done. Well my challenge for you is to take the time for at least one passionate kiss each and everyday. I am not talking your ordinary peck that you give each other as you leave for your days work. I want you to wrap your arms around each other and let your lips explore the others lips a little bit. I don't want you to try to set the world record for longest kiss but it should last about thirty seconds or so. Hug tight with your arms as you kiss and close your eyes so you just get the feeling of the kiss. Use a little tongue and feel the passion. Pull away slowly and smile. There now that isn't so difficult is it. Once you get in a routine of doing this you will look forward to it each and everyday. I would also suggest setting up a time like before you go to sleep or when you first get home from work to perform this kiss each and everyday. Yes I said perform, I want you to make a show of this kiss make it a movie kiss. Can't you remember the first kiss the two of you shared remember how wonderful it was, you know all your kisses can feel that special again with a little effort.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Get close on a Haunted Tour or Walk

A great activity for the two of you to do is to go on a haunted tour or visit a suggested haunted house. This is a great time of year obviously with Halloween just around the corner. You can search the Internet to find tours in your area. My findings are you can really find several of these types of tours even not at this time of year. Now these are not your generic haunted houses that they charge admission to and their will is no one jumping out to grab or scare you. These are informational tours that give you insight into places around your area that are said to be haunted. You guide will tell you the stories and usually will encourage you to take pictures to see if any spirits show up in the photos. My wife and I have spent several hours searching through pictures to see if we can find any evidence of ghosts. If you find a good tour you guide will usually dress the part and be very gothic in appearance and manner. This helps add to the excitement. Don’t be surprised if the two of you end up holding hands as you listen to the tales that can send chills up and down your spine. The fees for these types of tours are usually pretty reasonable with them being a little higher at this time of year. The thrill you find will depend on how much you believe in these types of events. No matter if you are a believer or not you will still find the stories interesting and compelling. We have been on great tours in San Diego, CA, Clearwater, FL and the best one was in New Orleans. Go ahead a book your tour today most of them have day and night tours, I suggest going at night for the added thrill.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Halloween is coming which means it is a great time to get into a little role play

Some couples enjoy a little role playing all through out the year. However it seems a lot easier to get into it around Halloween. Costumes are readily available during this time of year, even at your local discount store you can pick something simple up. A little change or something different is great for your relationship. Even if you just pick up a silly wig or a fake mustache you can give a night a little different zing. Maybe your one of those reserved people that thing by dressing up as someone or thing different means your partner doesn't find you attractive and wants something different. Let's put some thought into that, buy doing different things to spice up your life, wouldn't that make your relationship better and stronger? In my opinion, yes. You can even get the full blown costume at many online shops complete with all the accessories. The important thing to realize is that everyone has fantasies and catering to these fantasies not only shows your partner that you love them but it makes your relationship that much stronger. Think about it this way if you partner is getting his/her fantasies met at home why would they ever look else where. Now break out those handcuffs and that little sexy police outfit you have and have some fun frisking someone.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Visually Stimulating

I think the secret has long been exposed, that men in general are more visually stimulated then women. Being a man myself I can tell you I enjoy seeing the beauty of a women in all sorts of ways. Now not all men are this way but the vast majority of them seem to be. We want to watch our partners get undressed and we love to see them naked. We love the visions that great sex leaves in our heads. We want to peak at you in the shower and yes we look at your bottom when you bend over. We love the vision that you bring to our eyes. Next time you man wants you to leave the light on don't think he is weird, just know it is because he wants the image of you burned into his mind. With all this new information (or not so new information) don't be afraid to let go a little yourself. Wear something sexy to add images to his mind, give him a quick shot of you naked to get him excited. Let him watch as you do things to him that are pleasurable. One thing that you need to understand you gentleman is going to get visually stimulated somewhere and what better place then at home. So the next time you are worried he is watching to much porn or hoarding the Victoria Secret catalog in the bathroom, maybe you need to visually stimulate him?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Massage Technique : Focus on the Sacrum

Most of us love a great massage and massage has been the focus of several of our posts here at The Couples Spot. This post however, I want to focus on one specific area of the back. The sacrum is the triangular bone at the base of your spine, your tail bone sits just above your butt crack. The sacrum is located just above the tailbone. This area contains the sacral nerve, which connects straight to the genitals. The sacrum can with stand some pretty heavy massaging just make sure not to venture to far down towards the tail bone. Massaging the sacrum can give a tingling in the genitals and in some men can even result in an erection. Not only can this stir up feelings in the genitals it has also been know to help with back pain and with headaches. Most massages help with stress also and it is just nice to feel you partners hands against your skin. Next time your giving your mate a massage make sure to pay attention to this area, ask for feedback and listen to what feels good. If you do it correctly you might just be rewarded for your efforts.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Time to break out the Flannel?

We all know that flannel is warm and is great to snuggle it but is it sexy? Flannel sheets can add a great deal of warmth your bed, thus making it great to get under the covers with you lover. Flannel nightgowns have forever been linked to women that do not want to be touched or invaded during the night. You can however change this image of flannel, by simply changing your attitude and your partners. Men you can get some flannel boxer that feel great on your body and great when you lover puts their hands all over them. Women you might have to do a little research but you can find sexy flannel pajamas. You have to do a little work and make sure not to get them in a larger size then you need. I believe that the size is what make flannel PJ's unsexy and not the material. Most women I see wearing these type of PJ's have them large and bulky, but if they are tighter and show a little more of your curves I think just the opposite. If they bulky ones are all you have then slip a little something else on under the flannels to surprise you partner with once they get you in bed. Think of the look on their face as the unbutton your flannels only to find a sexy pair of panties and bra underneath. The pictures on this page are from She She Pajamas and you can google their name to find more sexy flannel PJ's.