Friday, October 2, 2009

Poll Results From what your partner is to you.

The resluts are in and most of our viewers believe that their partner is their superhero and that then mean everything to them. This is great as we were a little optomistic about how the survey would turn out. This tells us that at least our viewers are in stable and good quality relationships for the most part. Still troubling were the several negative answers we got about your relationship. All I can say is send us your question or concerns and we will try to help you out. The results are as folows.

35% Voted their partner as their superhero

21% Voted them their Best Friend

14% Voted their partner as the minister or mistress of heat

7% Voted them as just a good lay
7% Voted them as just a roommate
7% Voted them as the Ice Princess or Mr. Freeze
7% Voted them as just the first person to show interest in them.

Romantic Places!

We want to hear about your most romantic places that you have been. Tell is where and why it was the most romantic trip of your life. Did your partner propose to you there or was it just a great time. We want to find this information out to pass it along to our viewers. Below are a couple of the places I found romantic.

Hawaii - We went to Hawaii about 3 years ago. It is the most beautiful place that I have ever been. There was so much there to see and do. My wife and I rented a car and explored the island of Oahu. We saw many amazing things like the birthing stones, the north shore, many of wonderful beaches. But Probably the kicker for me was Hanauma Bay. We spent the day their snorkeling in the shallow waters it was heaven on earth. Together we spent a week exploring and playing around the island, it really got us reconnected and not that we were out of love but we feel madly in love again. We loved it so much we are planning to move their once our children are out of school, 6 more years and counting.

Cancun Mexico - My second choice because Mexico is where I asked my wife to marry me (and she said yet) but I loved exploring the ancient ruins with her. Chitzen Itza was one of the most romantic places to be the feeling of the people that lived there many years ago mad we gush with romance. It was amazing to see something that well preserved from so long ago. The amazing technology that they used was incredible. The beaches were also amazing and we spend many days at the beach and nights walking along the surf. The ocean for me is very romantic and any where with crystal clear water makes my heart beat a little faster.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Watch older couples

Want to really know what makes relationships work? Then you need to go to someone who has been through a long term relationship. Think of family members that have been married or in a relationship for a very long time. Talk to them, pick their brains, you might get more information then you ever dreamed of. Sure times have changed and they might not have dealt with texting and facebook, but I am sure they had some challenges in their relationships. I am sure at some point they have had money issues, or problems with children, just to mention of few things that can cause stress in a relationship. They can tell you how the managed to make it through the tough times and if nothing else they will show you that it will pass.

Now when you are looking for these couples make sure you look for the ones that seem happy together. Don't ask a couple for help that seem to be leading two different lives. Watch for the ones that still hold hands or kiss. A great way to tell is if they still tell each other they love one another in front of people. Relatives might not be the best examples but you can find friends or just ask a happy older couple on the street what their secret is. I am sure they would be glad to pass it along to you and your partner.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Flaunt your best features for you partner.

Is there a part of your body that you partner simply loves? Maybe it is your strong arms or you sexy legs. Think about it for a minute and I am sure you can think back and find a body part of yours that your partner always swoons over. Ladies, men are usually pretty straight forward about what they like. If it is your breasts then wear shirts around the house the show your great cleavage. If legs are his thing then short shorts and high heels will drive him nuts. Maybe he is a butt man if that is his thing, find shorts that let your butt cheeks hang out and bend over in front of him a lot. Gentlemen, you might have to really listen (I know that is tough for you) but that is how you will find what your partner likes. Think about areas that she touches first. Maybe it is your strong arms, and if so then wear shirts that show off your guns and make sure to flex as much as you can during the day. If she loves your rear then get some work out shorts that are tight for her pleasure. Maybe it is your chest that drives her over the edge, you can purchase some Under Armor shirts that show off your pecks.

Go overboard when you know you are going to be alone. Draw as much attention to that part as you can and see how long your partner can keep their hands to themselves. Make a game of it and tell them if they can keep their hands off you for 2 hours then they can have their way with you. Make sure to do all you can to drive them nuts during this time frame. If they can't control themselves then it is your decision as to what their punishment should be. Not only does your partner get a great view out of this but you get to be the center of attention.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Increase your sex life with a little education

Many of us think we know all the sex tricks out in the world today. I am sure you know plenty if you are into your relationship like most people that view this blog. However, I don't think as in anything you can ever know or learn to much. I want to suggest you and your partner pick up some reading material on the subject of sex and love and read it together. You might not get anything out of the book or maybe you will learn something that will set your loins on fire. The point is you never know until you try and learning with your partner might spark more then the reading material ever could. A recent purchase that has brought some pleasure into my life is a book called Red Hot Touch (Click the title of this post to go to the web sire) you can also find in in my amazon side bar. The book has lead to some laughing and experimenting for myself and I feel it could help many a relationship. Now go out buy a backpack and some folders pick up the Red Hot Touch book at amazon and start your classes today!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Drinking and Sex

I would like to hear peoples opinions on drinking and sex. I have heard several different views on what is acceptable. Some people believe that you shouldn't have any drinks before you have sex with another person. I also know others that have to have to drink to get loosened up as they put it. In my opinion there is a large grey area here. Several things must be considered to decide. For starters are we talking one drink or getting drunk, I believe that a few drinks are not harmful to the act or to the person as they have sex. On the other hand getting total wiped out is never a good idea no matter what you are doing. Not being in control is never a good way to be. If you do find yourself in this position I hope you are with your trusting partner that will take care of you and make sure you are safe. Alcohol has been proven to have some good effects on your health, but doing it to excess does just the opposite. My stand on this debate is have a couple of drinks, beers or glasses of wine will not hurt your sex life. To much can add problems such as erection problems, not using birth control properly, and even getting yourself into situations that might be harmful to your health. Just as when you are doing anything else drink in moderation and if you have to much then just tell you partner to be the designated masturbater tonight.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Find Some Passion Outside of Your Bedroom

In your relationship we hope that you are experiencing passion in your everyday life as well as your sex life. I think a thing that can help bring you closer as a couple is to find a passion outside of your relationship. NO - not with another person, but with a charitable organization or hobbies. It should be something you can both take pride in and feel good about. Maybe it is organizing a rally to raise money for a charity or just rooting for your local football team. You need to find something that makes you both happy.  Don't settle for your partner's favorite thing. Pick something new and interesting and put some effort into it. You know you have found it when you both come home and ask each other at the same time if you are ready to participate in your function. It is such a rush to get involved with your partner in something you both have passion in. Maybe you could even find something to bring a little money into your relationship.