Friday, September 11, 2009

Results of Where you met your Partner

Here are the results of our viewers responses to Where you met your partner at.

29% Said they met their current partner at School.

23% Found their partner on the Internet.

17% Visited a Tavern to find their love.

11% Did a little moonlighting at work to find a mate.

5% Were set up by their family

5% Searched the personals to find the love of their life.

I find these numbers fascinating as most of our views found their High School Sweetheart to be their partners. While another large group found love in the media. I thought the findings were very well balanced out however, which shows me that love can be hiding anywhere.

Don't fall for the 7 year itching

Some people believe that after 7 years you should start being more mature in your relationship. The newness of your current state should be normal and you shouldn't be chasing each other around any more. BULLSH*T A healthy and active lifestyle will only keep improving your relationship. Look at some of the couples you know that you believe to still have a exciting life together. Do they look like they are no longer totally infatuated with each other? If you think that your relationship has to go through stages until it become boring and normal then you might have a hard time keeping the spark in your relationship. Yes you need your partner to be stable and there for you in times of need but you also need them to let you know they still want to jump your bones. All these things are important to a thriving relationship. Look up and see the benefits of a healthy sex life, and just being happy in general. Then go back and act like a teenager with your partner. This will keep you young and your relationship as healthy as when you were teenagers.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Different Views

Have you ever noticed how people perceive things in different ways? Like one person finds sweaty people sexy while another things that when you sweat it is just gross. It makes you wonder why we can be so different. How can one person love to see women in stockings and another say they look like a street walker. This different view flow into our live at every angle. Art is a great example, some paintings appeal to me and some that I find not very good at all sale for hundreds of thousands of dollars. This makes me think am I missing something, is my perception off kilter. I think these is something you need to consider in your relationship. So when you partner asks you to wear something sexy for them or doesn't like the drapes you have picked out we don't become lost in our perspective. You will never be able to see through your partners perspective but understand it is okay for them to have a different perspective then you do. So next time your partner asks you to wear that nightie that you hate or to get really sweaty before you make love, you might have a little more insight and understanding. This doesn't mean it will change your perspective but it might help you please your partner. Understanding that they just have a different perspective is okay and that you don't have to always cater to their perspective but every once it a while is okay. Who knows you might like their perspective a little better if you try it.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Readers View:

We had a reader send in a question or maybe a concern was a better way to put it. They wanted to warn people about marring the first person they fell in love with. This reader married right out of high school and isn't enjoying the relationship much at this point, after kids and other things in life.

I agree to a point in that you should shop around a little before settling down. I don't really like the word settle down as it implies your life is over and you are waiting to die now. I think you should look for someone you are going to be able to enjoy life with. You need to find things out before you make a major commitment. You need to know if you have view that won't bring you at odds with each other, you need to be on the same page as far as your family and kids go. I will probably get some flax over this put you even need to know if your libidos are going to match up. These things are all important to a healthy relationship. I think if you are able to enjoy being around the person and you can have a great time with each other it is possible to compromise on some of the other things. These compromises have to be realistic however. If you want to have sex everyday and your partner never wants to have sex once a year is not a good compromise. As to your first love working out, it is possible I know several couples that married right out of high school and have worked out great. The common thread on these couples is that they moved away and had to rely on each other in their younger days. There is no magic formula to having a successful relationship, and anything and everything can work. I would advise however to shop around a little something better might be around the corner or you might already have that special someone. However you can second guess it forever so don't do that if you are currently in a relationship.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Arguing 101

Arguing 101

One of the most important things a couple must do is argue correctly. This is a very hard mission for a lot of couples. As both partners must get their point out and we are so very unlikely to listen to another point of view other then our own.

So the most basic part of an argument is to let each other get your point across. You may not like what the other partner has to say but you owe it to them to listen. So without a doubt part of arguing is listening and finding a way to compromise each others points of view. Once you can master this you are ready to move into the actual argument or as I like to say it debate. Yelling is not necessary and you should respect the others feelings even if you think they are wrong.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Enjoy your Labor Day!

Just a short quick note to everyone viewing from the United States. Happy Labor Day, I am sure you have been working very hard and hopefully you have the day off. For those of you who's professions have to work today I commend you as your job must be very important. Doctors, guards, professional baseball players etc. Hope you get the time off you deserve at some point and time. If you are off today spend a little extra time with your sweety this investment will pay dividends at a later time.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Isn't it nice to have someone in your life to watch your back.

Okay this might be a little bit of a silly post, but I want you to realize the importance of having a partner when you need something done with your back. Whether it be sipping up a dress, getting a bug off you, to just a good old scratching. You know that everyone, except a contortionist, has a spot on their back that they cannot reach. Who better to scratch it then the person you love. Or maybe you just want a massage on your back it feel so much better when the person you love gets their hands all over you, then when you do it yourself. Like today I just came in from mowing and realized I had just got stung by a insect. Little to my dismay the insect was still on my back. Like a trooper my partner whisked me to our porch and knocked the insect off my back. Their was no way I could have reached it but my love saved me from getting stung again. So the next time you have a itch you can't scratch be thankful for the love in your life.