Saturday, August 15, 2009

Don't let grumpy people bring you down.

Have you ever been out with your partner, having a great time. When someone grumpy brings you down. It never fails, either someone is jealous or they just hate seeing people happy. How do you handle those situations? You first response might be to get mad at them in return. That only gets you hot under the collar. The thing to do in my opinion is to smile and say something polite to them and walk away. You don't want to ruin your time together and you definitely don't want to let this grumpy person get the best of you. By saying something nice to them you will throw them off their game. Try it out the next time you run into this grumpy person. Smile and say "I hope you are having a wonderful day" or "Do you need a hug" most likely they will walk away and not say anything. Maybe just maybe by doing this and not ruining your day you might just improve their day. Being nice in contagious so try it out today.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Charting the Monthly Cycle

Most of the ladies out there whether you are on the pill or not, have a way to track their monthly cycle. They are prepared for the event before it happens. Men, you need to take some examples from them. We need to be prepared for the monthly event also. Make your own chart and see if you can find trends that might help you out as that time of month rolls around. Track if your partner gets upset easily, or angry for no reason. Sometimes little things will set women off at this time of month. Some women might get really emotional and cry at anything and everything. By tracking this you will be much more prepared to deal with the changes then most men. Understand that it is out of their control, and that it is part of the make up of women. Once you get the cycle down and are pretty comfortable with it, you will find yourself knowing when your partner might get a little more emotional or when not to ask if you can have the guys over for a poker party. Being a couple requires that you are sensitive to each others needs and most women's make up changes a little during her period. Find things to do during her period that might make her a little more relaxed. It might be a good time to give her a massage or rub her feet, make her feel special and most importantly understand that this might be an uncomfortable and painful time for them.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Make a Date Night.

I hate saying this over and over but our lifes are so busy that unless we spacifically set times to do things a lot of times we never get around to them. With that said I want you to pick a day of the week that the two of you can have a date. I am not talking about going out with the kids to Chuckie Cheese. I want the two of you to have a time for yourselves. Find a great babysitter if need be and make it a standing arrangement that they will watch the children every week at this time. Find something that works best in your schedule. Maybe the daytime works better for the two of you, or early morning. The only requirement is that you have time for the two of you to spend together. No talking about bills or children or problems. Just the two of you enjoying why you got into a relationship to begin with. Reconnect and start living your love life all over again. Believe me most people don't see that their relationship is slipping but these date night will get you back on the straight and narrow.

I understand things pop up and kids get sick. If those things happen they you need to find a substitute day to have you date. Never just forget it, if nothing else works just plop some lawn chairs outside and star gaze. You relationship is important and so is your partner so make time for them today. You will be glad you did.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Correct way to get your partner in Shape.

Many of us unfortunately don't take the best care of ourselves. This makes no sense, for starters you need to be in good shape to make yourself feel better and by feeling better you increase the quality of your life. Not to mention you get little extra perks, like your partner thinking your hot as you work out or that you can fit in the small seat the others can't. Now how do you handle the problem if your partner is the one out of shape and you don't want to offend them but you want them to improve their health.

Well here is my suggestion. Encourage them to do any type of physical activity to start out with. Get them to go on walks with you or encourage them to go play golf with the guys. Anything that will get them up and moving is a start. Then start offering suggestions on things you would like to start doing such as bike riding, jogging, and or aerobics. See if you can get them to join in. Offer incentives if they balk, tell them you don't want to do it alone and if they care about you they will reluctantly say yes. Bribe them with sex, or they get to pick the next movie you rent. Once they get up and going you have done your part, now all you have to do is keep it up and don't stop. Set a routine so they get to understand that say Monday is the day we do aerobics together. Don't take no for an answer if they balk keep on them it could be a matter of life or death.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Results are in on the Hairy Chest Debate

Well we have our results form the hairy chest question. 68% of our viewers would rather have a smooth chest then a hairy one to snuggle up with. Now gentlemen before you start shaving down most of the participants on this panel said that if their man had a hairy chest they would enjoy it just the same. Since most of us don't have naturally clean chests it takes a little work for you to keep your chest nice and smooth. After a couple of days you will start to have stubble just like other areas of your body. Women don't like the stubble it is worse then having longer hair on your chest, according to them. Make sure you are ready to make the commitment if you start shaving your chest it will soon fall into an everyday event just like the other areas you shave.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Pull together during tough times.

When things are going bad it is easy to let your relationship slip. The added tension of not being able to pay bills or other such things can be a real killer for a relationship. When couples pull together during these tough time they can form a bond like no other. It is easy to blame each other for tough times in your relationship, but instead of doing that why not work together to get though them. Many people have had the same event that you might be going through happen to them. Instead of driving the wedge between the two of you, grab each others hand and make a commitment to getting though your troubles. If money is the problem then work together to find ways to cut out items you don't need or can do without. Again by working together and relying on each other will make the outcome so much better and then you will have the satisfaction of being able to get through tough time together.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Too stressed for sex? You are only hurting yourself.

Stress can effect several things in your relationship. One of them being your sex life. However letting stress dampen you sex life actually is a double edged sword. Sex is considered a stress reliever so what better way to relieve stress then to have sex. Sex releases happy chemicals into your body that helps you relax as well as welcome sleep, this in turn helps your body become stronger. All of these things help you combat stress. Several professionals suggest taking steps to get yourself in the mood. If you click on the title of this post you will go to a list of some things that help your libido.

Bypassing sex because of stress is a no win situation. On the other hand putting a little effort into your sex life can help reduce this stress greatly. You and your partner will both benefit from the effort you put into your sex life. Now quite making excuses and start working toward getting rid of that stress by having some great sex. You relationship will thank you.