Friday, August 7, 2009

The Perfect Anniversary day!!

Anniversaries are very special days, it is a time to celebrate you love for each other. It is not to be taken lightly. The higher the number of years you have been married the more important it becomes. It is sad in this day and age that we don't see may 50 year marriage celebrations anymore. You should each and every day fell how grateful you are for you mate but you should step it up a notch on your anniversary. Put as much effort into the day as you can, your relationship is worth the effort and you partner will appreciate it also. If you are like most marriages you have had your ups and downs but with the anniversary it is time to renew everything in your relationship. Now stop reading this blog and find a way to make your partner feel special today as well as each and every other day in your lives.

Is there room for fetishes in a relationship?

Can you have a fetish and still be in a committed relationship? The answer is definitely, yes. You just have to keep the fetish inside the realm of your relationship. You cannot have a fetish of having sex with two people at the same time if your partner does not want that. My opinion is that bringing someone else into your relationship is not a good idea. You can however have a foot fetish with your partner. A fetish that only includes your partner and you can be a great secret the two of you share. If you like to role play or dress up a little that can definitely add some spark to your relationship. Have you ever seen the newer Batman movies with Catwomen in them? A cat suit can be very sexy or a Batman suit heck even a little lone ranger mask can add a little excitement. Hi Ho trigger away. Think about something that totally turns you on about your partner. Then run with that idea maybe his but drives you wild then buy him some underwear that has the ass cut out. Maybe you again have a foot fetish about your wife then buy her open shoes or special toe nail polish. As long as your fetish doesn't hurt anyone or your relationship it can be a very special bond for the two of you. If you are uncomfortable with a partners fetish then let them know maybe you can find a compromise that will excite you both. Now go shut your bedroom door and enjoy your fetish after all it is you and your partner world once that door is shut. You might want to lock it if you have children however you don't want to explain why mommy or daddy is tied to the bed!!!! lol

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Visualize the Good!

As a couple sometimes we forget to think about all the good things that are in our relationship. We focus or fight about things like bills, work or other problems in our relationship.

When is the last time you set down and talked about the good things in your relationship? What about how great the kids are or how special it was when he bought you flowers the other day?  Maybe she massaged your tense shoulders during the evening.

I am banking on the fact that your relationship has many things to be grateful for. Together you need to sit down and talk about or visualize all the great things the next time you have a fight. No, this won't make your problems go away, but it just might put them in the right perspective.

Always end your night visualizing things your partner does that you feel are wonderful and you will likely wake in the morning with a smile on your face.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Research on Presents for Women

We ran a questionare and found what a sampling of women and what they thought the most romantic gift they could recieve would be. An overwhelming amout 45% to be exact said a trip would be the most romantic gift they could recieve. Second place went to lingere at 27% flowers and a massage both atained 9% of our vote. Still 10% of our voters checked the other catagorie. We would love to hear what those other things might be, so drop us a line and let us know what your favorite romantic present has been.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Confidence is SEXY

Think about the people you notice in everyday life. Unless you are making fun of someone, which isn't right by the way. The people that catch your eye are the confident people that stroll past you. The same can be said for the person you are attracted to. They at some point and time have shown you enough confidence to merit your affections. Now keeping that confidence is important to your relationship. I have several friend where it seems like one partner is needed and the other shows all the confidence. It seems as if the first mentioned partner is just being dragged along. You don't want to be that person. So, I want you to pump up your chest and find your confidence again. You don't have to be with the person you are in love with all the time to be complete. Get back to your hobbies or interests and make time for them. I am sure you partner will find you much more sexy when you have your own interests. Also time apart makes your bond stronger. My parents worked together day and night, as they owned their own business. Yet their relationship was weak and didn't have a whole lot of fun involved in it. So I offer you this, begin strutting around the house like you are the king or queen, get activities that drawn your interest, and see how long it is before you partner is begging for your attention. Believe me this works, needed people are not sexy (word from a great woman) but those that are independent but still love you are very sexy. Don't just sit there, when your partner is out doing something you do the same get out and enjoy life then meet up later and renew your relationship.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Slip into somehting sexy, MEN?????

We are bombarded with sexy lingerie for women. We see it almost everyday, either in the mail or upon the television it is always in our face. I bet at least once a week I get a catalog from Victoria's Secret with scantly clad women adorning each page (it makes great ready material) However when you think of something sexy for a man to wear, you don't get a whole lot of ideas that pop into your head. Men it is hard for us to find something sexy to wear to make our partners do a double take on us.

Men today I am challenging you to find something sexy to wear to bed with your partner. The basic thought is your typical silk boxer shorts. The are great but don't leave make that sexy of a statement unless your partner touches them. Try to find out something that would turn you partner on. Are they a big sports fan? Then get some boxers with their favorite team on them. Purchase a cop uniform if you partner finds cops sexy. Try to find something that you can use so the next time you ask them to put on something sexy you can say "I did it for you"

As always have fun with it and go a little overboard. Life is way to short to be serious all the time. Take advantage of every opportunity you have.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Give them a list

Want to show you partner how special they are. Make a list of all the wonderful things about your partner. Find a nice piece of paper and a wonderful pen. Start out slow ideas will start coming to you quickly I assure you. You can write about how great they look, the wonderful things they do, the simple things they do to make your life better, or even just the silly things that makes you love them even more. Now find an envelope and put the list inside it. Carefully write their name or you pet name for them on the front. Seal the envelope and now you can either give it to them straight up or slip it into their pillow case to be read later. You will most defiantly make their day when they read it. If you are near watch them and see how long it takes for a smile to grace their face.