Saturday, August 1, 2009

Throw your troubles in the lake!

Sometimes in our everyday life we get bogged down with our troubles. We focus on them and let them consume us. Well today I want the two of you to go out to the local lake, stream, or ocean and toss those troubles into the water. Sound like I have lost my marbles?????? Seriously what I want you to do is go out and get some sharpie makers and head to your local body of water. Upon arriving, search the bank or shore of several good sized rocks. Now both of you sit down and write on the rocks you troubles or concerns, that are bothering you currently. Once you have completed that, gather up all the stones and read what is written on the rock and then toss it as far as you can into the water! There your trouble is gone, and you should be feeling better. No this is not a magical event it is just letting your mind let go of these problems for a bit and by doing that you might get a more clear idea of how to get rid of your problems. After all this before you get ready to leave gather up some more rocks and write things on them that you are thankful for. Take these home with you and put them in a safe place. Then the next time you are feeling down pull them out and share them with your partner. I am sure it will bring a smile to your face.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Plan some trips for the two of you!

Everyone that I know loves to go on trips. You know vacations, getting away from it all and acting like you never have to come home. Well at least until you run out of money. Well I am suggesting that as a couple you start planning out trips for the two of you to take. This way you are prepared when you really do get to take a vacation. Get as much literature as you can on the places you want to go and make sure to make an iteneray. By planning way ahead you can keep your eyes open for great deals that might pop up. You don't have to limit yourself to one destination either, choose several places that you would like to go and start files on each one. Taking your time and doing lots of research will help you get the most for you money on any trip. You will also have time to find things that might be a little out of the way to do while you are there. By taking time you can also find out if you best deal is a package vacation or purchasing hotel, air, and ground transportation separately. You vacation or trip should be a memorable time, so make sure you plan ahead, also make sure to plan ahead on things you will need. A new camera might be a good idea to help save all these memories for the future. Heck make a wall chart of all the places you want to go and then mark them off as you come back from each on. Travel is so much fun and it is even better when you go with someone you love.

You can also make a separate list of place you want to take your children if you have any. This way you can focus on romantic trips and kiddie trips both. Include the children in picking the places they want to go, after all this is their vacation also.
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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Don't forget about your hands.

You might not be able to guess that this post is about oral sex, by the title. I know that people enjoy using toys and vibrators during oral sex, but I feel they are not using the best sex toy, which would be your hands. These hands of your are great for stimulating areas on the body and that should not stop just because you are performing oral sex. Thing about all the thing you can do with your hands while you are pleasuring you partner. Touch is such a turn on, that if should be used to it's full advantage. Reach up and play with her breasts or his nipples, find their erogenous zones and use them as extra sensations during your act. Places like the backs of your knees, grab their ankles, massage their hips are some great suggestions. No pun intended but feel them out and find out places that might help send them over the edge. You can also use your hands for extra stimulation on the genitals. Remember all those nerve endings around the anus, use them to your advantage. Some women like penetration, while you are performing oral sex, and any number of your fingers can help. The scrotum and testicles are very easy to play with while you give him oral sex, and ladies don't be afraid to play with his anus, he just might enjoy it, too.

Use a little trial and error to see what works best for the two of you. One of the biggest complaints people have about oral sex is that it takes too long to get their partner to orgasm. Well you just might speed things up a little by hitting some of their trigger points with your hands. What sets us apart from most animals is our hands, and the wonderful things we can do with them. So next time you are ready for a little oral sex make sure you stretch your hands out who knows where they will end up.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Establish Your House

Have you ever been to those flea markets were they have the person carves your name into a piece of wood. Weather they burn it or carve in to the wood doesn't matter. Make sure you get the year on it as to when you became a family. Include all the names of children on the sign so that everyone feels like it is their sign. So many relationships have children from previous marriages involved with different last names, so put up the first names also. If you don't have any children or treat your pets as children then add them also. You might have to have a pretty big sign but it is worth it to include all the parts of your family.

You can find many different styles of these signs pick one that appeals to your family. I have even seen ones that have characters for each member of the family. Post it where everyone can see it, to show how proud you are of your family. Make a ceremony on the day you put it up, have a cookout or just a family get together. Remember family is a strong bond and putting it in wood makes it stronger.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

You know that Annoying friend....

No matter who you are you have an annoying friend. That is common knowledge but how do you put up with your partners annoying friend? Do you just not be around with they come over or you make faces every time they open their mouth. Knowing that this person is a friend of your partner locks you in a little. Number one never tell you partner they have to stop hanging around said friend. The exceptions are it he or she is hitting on you, then you need to tell your partner. If the fact is they are just annoying, then you have to have a little tolerance. Try to get to know them a little better, a lot of annoying people are that way because they don't know how to act in front of you. Understand this is part of your partner, his or her choice of friends is part of their make up. Since you care about your partner, you need to be the bigger person. Chances are that once this person sees that you are not going to take their friend away they will calm down and most likely stop being so annoying.

Think about your friends I am sure if you look closely at their actions you might see the same thing in one of them. Understand that a protection device is all this annoyance is. Make the effort to reassure the friend that you are both going to be part of their life and you should work together. Use their help to throw a surprise birthday party or pick them out something for Christmas. Friends can add a lot of insight into your partner. So look past their annoying features and look for something good in them. Don't ignore them make them feel as if they are part of your relationship.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Many Uses for Vibrators

Most of you that use a vibrator use it to stimulate the clitoris. That is a wonderful and great use for the vibrator. However if that is all you are using it for you need to listen up. Vibrators can be used to stimulate so many areas on the body. Think of all your erogenous zones and how it might feel to have a little vibration on them. Another thing you need to realize is that vibrators are not just for women either. Running a vibrator up and down your man's private parts can be a real turn on. You can also use your machine as a massager you know how they show the women in the magazines using them. Neck muscles, hips, feet can all benefit from the movements a vibrator puts out. So don't be so shy with your gadget and get it out of the drawer a little bit earlier during you time together. I have heard that some people can even get turned on by the sound alone. If you get a powerful enough on you might even be able to mix your drinks with it. Just kidding, don't put anything on your vibrator if you are going to use it inside your partner. The sugar from your drink is not good to be inserted in any one's body that way. However do use your vibrator for fun and excitement, take turns at turning each other on with it. Find a way to place it between the two of you for double the excitement.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sangria Night

Tonight as an end to your weekend I want you to enjoy a nice glass of sangria with your partner. If you don't know sangria is a very flavorful wine that is popular in Mexico. You don't have to break the bank you can pick up a decent bottle for about five or six dollars. Get you some fruit and let it soak in a pitcher with the wine. This makes for a very wonderful taste for both the fruit and the wine. Find a nice quite place and the two of you enjoy the wonderful taste of your sangria. Experiment with different fruit in your wine and see what you like the best. Sangria does come in different flavors so try all of them out and again see what you favorite tastes are.
Who knows a little sangria might lead to a little dancing, which might lead to a little making out, which might lead to well you know a little more sangria!!! Have a great night and enjoy your partner, they are special.