Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Hint of Role Play

In most couples it seems that one partner is a little hesitant to embark on role playing. For starters role playing can be fun and is a very healthy part of a relationship. It doesn't mean your partner wants someone else or that you are not good enough. It just means they want to spice things up a bit. If you are that partner that pulls back from role play a little, I want you to try and overcome your fear. Once you can get past it I am sure you will enjoy looking or acting a little different with your partner.

So here is my suggestion to those reluctant for role playing. Start out very small things like wearing a wig or trying to use a foreign accent, could be exciting. Maybe just go out and pick up a simple mask that just covers your eyes, you know like the Lone Ranger wore. There are endless little things that can make love making more exciting for both of you. At the very bottom of the scale you could just go out and get some sexy new underwear and surprise your lover, or some sexy stockings. Men you can change your facial hair or get a uniform shirt to surprise your partner. Get a new haircut, rent a car for the evening, or just wear something you would never wear. Doing something different will make your partner do a double take at you.

You can always move up if you start to get comfortable and you don't always have to include role play into your sex life. Heck we do it sometimes just for fun calling each other different names of speaking differently in public can be exciting also. One thing couples thing of when you say role play is that they have to have elaborate costumes and totally get into the role. Well you don't, you just have to find a level at which you are comfortable at and that is good enough. Heck something as simple as wearing different nail polish might drive your partner wild.

Now get out there and find something you are comfortable with and do it. Chances are you might enjoy it more then you think. Clink on the title of this post for some cute and fun costumes to spice things up.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Dreams go up on the Board

As a couple we have so many dreams and hopes that we are striving for. Sometimes we lose sight of these things and sometimes both of us are not on the same page. Why not make a dream board together. You can pick up the materials at your local discount store. A cork board big enough to house all your dreams and some thumb tacks are all you need. Maybe a view magazines to find pictures in or use the ones you already have at home. Now work together starting with the big stuff and figure out what the two of you are striving for. Find your dream house and tack it up. Get some images of jobs you would like have. Put up a map of where you want to live. Get fake money to show what you want to be earning. Post items such as vacations destinations, cars, boats, big screen televisions, or anything you would love to enjoy. Then at least once a week (Daily would be better) together look at your board. Constantly add things to it as they arise in your thoughts, and when you get one of the thing on your board take it down to make room for the next dream. If you are familar with the Law of Attraction this will help you bring to yourself what you want.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pick out Your Song!

Everyone and every couple needs a theme song. So today pick out a song that they two of you will consider your song. It can be one from when you were dating or one you just heard today and you both enjoy. Find one that has lyrics that seem to fit your relationship or has some special meaning for the two of you. That's it now you have "YOUR" song. Now every time you hear it you will think of each other. Make sure you purchase your song on itunes or any other form of media so that you have it whenever the two of you are alone and wanting to be romantic. Don't be ashamed to tell people it's your song either, and tell them why it is important to you. Unless of coarse it might be Nine Inch Nails version of "I want to F*** you like an animal" then it might be kinda obvious.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thank you very much....

You know in a relationship we sometimes start to take each other for granted. You know what I mean you expect your partner to do the things they always do. We forget how special it is when they get us a drink so we don't have to get up, or fix a problem for us just because we asked. We get comfortable and relaxed that are partners are always there for us because they are, always there (well most of the time anyway). Today I want you to make a list of everything your partner does that either helps you out or is just a nice thing to do. Get a little paper to care around with you and jot down when they open the door for you, or start your car on a cold morning. So many of the little things we forget, like getting us out a towel for our morning shower, or downloading a file for us on the computer. Even things like getting the kids dressed or getting them to sleep, while we do something else is a big plus.

Are you starting to see where I am going. We need to thank our partners for not only all of these things but for being the kind sweet person they are. Now I am sure there are times when they don't get something done you wanted them too. For the most part I am sure the good our weighs the bad in a big way. When we started seeing this person we were attracted to them and our passions were high, so how come this passion doesn't get hotter as we spend more time together? This person we love spending time with does so much for the both of us we should celebrate it every night.

I know it is a little bit tough to celebrate every night. Tonight however bring your list to bed and read if off to your partner. Tell them how these things made your day better and then thank them with a great big kiss. Look deep in their eyes when you thank them, so that they know how much you mean it. If you so desire you can thank them even more once the lights go out, I am sure they will be thankful for that!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Survey Results

Recently we conducted a survey on how often our viewers made love. We guessed pretty good on the outcome but were a little surprise at something. Sixty percent of The Couples Spot Viewers made love 2-3 times per week. This fit pretty well with the national percentage and I feel is a pretty good number to aim for in any relationship. Now what surprised me was that thirty percent of our viewers checked the "What is Sex" button. Meaning that they had sex less then once a month. This is a little disturbing, I can understand having months with dry spells but to constantly have this lack of sex in your life doesn't make much sense. Read some of our earlier posts on the advantages and health benefits of sex. We had a percentage of five for both of the once a week answer and the five or more times a week answer. We here at The Couples Spot feel these numbers are pretty accurate with the national percentages. We are concerned that maybe more people then we know need a boost in the sexual department within their relationships. So we will still be here giving as much advice as we can to hopefully get those "What is Sex" people back on the right track.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Play a game while not together

Here is a cute little thing to do if you can't be together. Maybe your at a conference or at work and you want to stay connected with your partner. Play a little game using your cell phones text messaging feature. The easiest way to do this is to text each other trivia questions. Grab some cards from your trivial pursuit game and take turns asking each other questions. This game can go on for hours and don't expect immediate responses. Type in your questions and when your partner gets a chance they will try to answer. If they guess right then it is their turn to type in the next question. If they get it wrong you have to reply with the correct answer and then they type the next question. Again this is a fun way to stay connected when you are apart. It doesn't tie you down or take much of your time. You just use short messages and leave it at that until you can check your phone again.

Any games with cards with questions on them will do. I mentioned trivia pursuit earlier, you could also use What Would you Do, or one of my favorites is "Loaded Questions" They even have similar game as iPhone applications that can give you several questions to ask. Your partner will feel great that you are thinking about them while you are apart. You can click on the title post to take you to the loaded questions web site to pick up one of their games. Make sure to tell them that The Couples Spot sent you. Make sure to check out the Adult Version of Loaded Questions shown above.