Saturday, July 11, 2009

Porn Night!

Welcome to Saturday night. I want you to do everything you want to this night, go out and eat, go to a movie, or go out clubbing. When you get home however I want you to watch some good old fashioned porn together. Before you make love and download or slip an old porn movie in. Get one from the seventies before people learned to shave their genitals. Don't take it serious though laugh at the silly plots or make wagers on how the actors are going to get off. It will loosen you both up, for a great night of getting to know each other a little better. Maybe even try something silly from the movie and see if it is possible. Enjoy the great porn music and maybe even find a catch phrase they two of you can use to signal each other you would love to have sex. For example "Pizza delivery" might be a good one or "Plumbers here to check your pipes" Again make fun of these old porn movies and watch how cheesy they are. Then attack each other after you get your laughs in.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Tell each other how happy you are!

Today I want you to make a point of telling each other how happy you are in your relationship. Just start blurting things out to your partner and let them take a turn at returning the list. In the middle somewhere tell them things you would like to work on and again give them time to rebuttal. It is my feelings that you should do this at least every month. Make a date of it, on a Sunday afternoon or Tuesday night plan to watch a movie together afterwards or just set a cuddle the night away.

Any way you can build communication is a plus and doing it in a positive manner like this really helps a relationship. No matter how the conversation turns always end on a positive note. After speaking your last bit make sure to hug your partner.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

You drive then I drive

If your like most couples one of your is the dominate driver. That is the person that drives most of the time you go places. It is natural and some people love to drive. Well the next time you go on a trip of even just a long drive. Make sure to bust up the driving time equally. This gives both of you change to relax and enjoy the scenery it also allows both of you to be the gopher and the conversation starter. We have a lot of great conversations driving places and most of the time they start by one of us reading about something and then discussing it. As partners we want to both be refreshed when we get to our destination so splitting the drive will allow both of us down time to sleep of just put the seat back and stretch out. We all have heard about jet lag but car lag can be just as bad.

So you can bust up the time as you like but I suggest stopping or pulling over every hour or two hours to switch drivers. Never let one person drive more than two hours at a time. They will get a stiff neck or just be a little more tense then if they would have not driven that much. Take breaks and stop to see odd things along the way. Get a copy of Weird America and find some of the topic in the book it will make your trip so much more enjoyable.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Split time at kids events.

As parents we are always struggling to find time for everything. This might seem a little crazy but I want you to take turns going to your children's events. Things such as baseball game where there are about a hundred (a little exaggeration) each summer, swim lessons, or any type practice your child could possible have. Here is the point I want to make with this, when you miss one of your child's events, have you partner give you the play by play of what happened. You get to see how he/she saw the event unfold and get their perspective on it. You can even get your child's perspective on what happened. This way you get communication started between not only your partner and you but your child as well. Don't let either one of them just say "it was okay" ask for details. Even if your child struck out everytime they got up, see if they nipped the ball or almost got hit by a pitch. Encourage them to elaborate on the event. This might help you later in life when you need to talk to them about more important things such as sex or drugs. Everywhere we turn people say we need better communication and what a better way to exercise your communication skill then this method.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Look through a sexy catalog together

Next time you get a Victoria's Secret catalog in the mail, or any other sexy clothing catalog. Take some time to look through it together. Show each other what you find sexy and things you wouldn't be caught dead in. This helps build understanding of what the other partner likes. So the next time you are out picking a gift you can match it with your partners style. Then maybe they will wear what you bring home instead of throwing in a drawer never to be seen again. If you do get something you don't want to wear be brave and tell you partner, ask it you can go together and exchange it for something you will wear. That is a win win situation. You get something you can use and your partner gets something sexy to see you in.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Post Number 100 - Get between their toes.

Ladies and Gentlemen I would like to thank you for following me enought to get my 100th Post.

In this post I am going to encourage you to work a little magic on your partner. I am sure you all read my earlier post on foot massages and reflexology. Well today I want you to expore this a little more and venture between you partners fingers and toes. Very seldom do we touch each otehr here. We mostly avoid these areas. Why? I don't know. Everyone I talk to says they are very erogenous land they effect other areas that you might not think they would. One reflexology reserch I read suggests that if you massage the area between the big toe and the one right beside it you will send triggers to the sexual organs and will encrease you orgasm. So tonight try this before you begin your love making retuial and help me celebrate my 100th episode.

Oh, but don't think about me while your getting in one, unless it helps you enjoy yourself then fire away.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Making Relationships Strong

I know you have probably heard every trick to making your relationship strong and solid. I am here to tell you the best way is to have a great sex life together. Research shows that couples that have a great sex life have a stronger and more profound life in general together. They are generally more healthy and able to do more things together. Most of them also list their partner as their best friend. People in general who have a great sex life are more confident, and efficient.

I hear so often how people are consumed by trying to have a better sex life that other parts of their life fall apart. So if you take the sex equation out of their problem list it frees up a lot more time to concentrate on other things. Plus why would anyone want to deprive their partner from feeling great. If you care about your partner at all then you should want to enjoy sex with them. Now problems do arise and I understand that but there are many different types of sex that can be enjoyed so I don't buy that excuse list.

So if you want your relationship to hit the pinnacle you need to make your sex life a priority. Not just for one of you for both of you. This goes both ways. Try it for three to six months and see watch and see how much it improves your relationship. I am sure you will find out it has positive results. You have to make the commitment your relationship needs it.