Saturday, June 20, 2009

Get a tattoo

Here is a fun trick to pull on your partner. Get a tattoo without them knowing. Now don't get me wrong if you are getting a major tattoo you should at least inform them of your intentions. But what I am suggesting is to pick up some temporary tattoos and shock your partner. I have included a link to a site that sells all sorts of temporary tattoos. Pick something out and order it put make sure you partner doesn't find out. You might have to send it to another person's address to make sure they don't see it. Once you receive you tattoo follow the instructions and place in on your desired location. For added surprise place it on a place only your partner would see. Like the cheek of your butt or down on your waistline. See how long it take for them to find it. I am sure you will shock them if you don't already have several tattoos.

For added effect you can get tattoos that are a bit more permanent Henna tattoos last about a week and some of them look real. When playing this trick on your partner I would suggestion getting something really strange. A rubber ducky on your butt or something that they wouldn't expect you to get. If you can find their name place it on your waistline and see their reaction. Now come on it won't hurt to much most of them go on with water, no needles I promise.
Thanks to Creative commons and Ferdi's World's for the picture.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Beating the Heat

Today will be the first day in the 90's this summer for use here in the Midwest. As we struggle to find ways to beat the heat, sometime forget that the warm air is a blessing. We need to remember those days of subzero temperatures that haunt us during the winter months. Take some time to figure out ways to cool down as a couple. Most people don't like to be all sweaty and next to each other so take some steps so you can get close during the heat wave. If you going to watch a movie together set up some fans all around the two of you so that you have a breeze blowing from every direction. Try to figure out ways to avoid the air conditioning as it is bad for the environment. Find a pool somewhere that the two of you can just relax in. Go to the mall they always have the air cool as possible. Thing of things the two of you can do that will be cool and fun. Go to the zoo and spend all day in the penguin exhibit. Fix yourselves an endless supply of fruity drinks and spend the day sipping them in style. The point is you need to find ways together to beat the heat. Heck take a cold shower together and see if you both can still get aroused!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Snack Well

Part of being a couple is taking care of each other. We look out for our partner because we want them to be around as long as possible. Well one thing you can do to help them out is for both of you to Snack Well, together. It is so much easier when the both of you watch how you snack.

Start this out by going to the store together. Choose snacks that are healthy and skip the aisle that would tempt you. Choose alternative to some of your favorite items such as ice cream, candy, and chips. If you look closely you can find replacements that are similar with less fat and more nutrition in them. The simple fact of the matter is if you don't have it in your house you won't eat it. Late night cravings will be put to rest if you don't have the tub of ice cream in the freeze. If you must have that frozen delight choose sherbet or frozen yogurt instead. Be supportive of each other and remind each other how much healthier you will be by eating things like carrots, bananas, and apples.

Thing about it this way. Eating better will increase you livelihood. You will feel better and have more energy to do things. Eating well also helps with stress and improving your body image. People who eat well have better sex and more frequently enjoy intimacy. So eating healthy will improve your energy, self esteem, over all health, mental attitude, and your sex life. Why are we all not eating better?

Clicking on the title of this post will take you to a website dedicated to showing you healthy snack options.

Photo courtesy of programwitch from flickr creative commons.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Barter System

Sometimes we would love for our partner to do something for us but hate to ask them. You know if you have asked them massage your back a hundred times. You still want them to massage you but you feel like your taking advantage of them by asking. Well if you find yourself in this situation I suggest you use the barter system.

The barter system is a very old way people use to exchange goods and services. Farmers might need something from the local store but had no money to pay with. The farmer would then offer some of his products from his farm for the goods, things such as eggs, milk, or grain. So this is the system I want you to use.

Next time you want that massage, offer something up in return. Offer to cook them their favorite meal if they give you a 30 minute massage. Always set times or goals on the barters so that no one feels cheated. Because just saying give me a massage might mean a hour massage to you but might only mean a 15 minute one to him. Sometimes you might have to sweeten the offer to get what you want, but the nice part is you both win in this type of bartering.

Sexual favors works wonders in getting things you would like. So don't be shy ask for what you want and express what you will to give up. I am sure you will both feel great after the trade. You can extend your trades over days if need be based on the time you have available. Just make sure you always keep your end of the deal or the next time you barter you partner might balk a little.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


As a couple you might think your feet are that important. Yeah they are there but what other purpose could they have in your relationship. I am sure you have heard of people having a foot fetish. Not everyone has to be over the top with it, but feet are sexy. Plus they can be a great starting point for foreplay. Think about it how relaxed would you be if your partner gave you a nice foot massage today? Throw in some oil and really kneed out those tired feet. I can almost feel the pleasure now. Research has shown that massage is a great starting point. Use different type and scents of oils to add effectiveness. If nothing more you will feel good even if you are the one being massaged or the one getting the massage.

There are also many nerve endings in your feet and you can relive pressure to other areas of the body by finding this points (below is a chart for you viewing) I have also included a link to a reflexology site in the title of this post. Maybe with a little knowledge and some foot work you will be able to end some of the pain in your partner. That should get a big thank you from them.

Think about it who else would you want touching your feet besides your partner. Isn't that in itself a turn on. So ladies touch up your toenails with polish and men wash those feet good in the shower. Cause tonight we are going to start from the bottom with a good foot massage.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Kissing each other neck!

In my opinion one of the most erogenous zones is the neck. In my case the back of the neck is the most sensitive. Next time you get some time to spend kissing make an effort to focus on the neck and seeing which part your partner likes kissed the best. I have mentioned the back of the neck but the sides are also nice and I have even heard of people that like the front of their neck kissed.

For extra emphasis use your hands as a guide to where you are going to kiss. Run your hand over the back of their neck before you start to lightly kiss. Extend the hands up into the hair as your kissing and then back over the area that had been kissed. Another great idea is to bend their neck a little. Don't force it just move their head to allow complete access to the area you want to kiss. Believe me a little neck kissing goes a long way.

If you don't think of kissing as foreplay then you are missing the boat. Several articles and books that I have read suggest there is not enough kissing during sexual activity. Use that as fuel for your fire the next time you and your partner get some time alone.
Special Thanks for Pauline Thomas for the photo from Flickr

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Moving with your Love!

Much like remodeling, moving together is hard on a relationship. Deciding what to throw away and what to keep, adds challenge to any relationship. From the packing at the old place to the unloading at the new place, you have a lot of places to get steamed at each other. The move needs to be a team effort and what better team then the two of you. I suggest setting goals for the couple of you. Things like a nice dinner out after you get so far and I also suggest making love as soon as you get the bed into the house. Make sure to at least wait until others that are helping you are gone. Lots of massages for soar muscles will be in order, as well as lots of alone time for the two of you. Since most of your friends will disappear as soon as you start to move. Moving isn't all bad, the satisfaction you will get is amazing for your coupledom. Patience and love are the two ingredients you will need to make this a success.