Saturday, May 30, 2009

Flirt with you husband/wife. Didn't you do that at one time.

Here is a novel idea. Flirt with your significant other. Think back to when your relationship was just beginning. Didn't you flirt with your partner as much as you could. Remember those looks you gave them. The teasing and the sexy hot kisses that are always present at the beginning of your relationship. Why don't we still do that today? Does our partner not mean as much to us anymore? Can I still flirt? These are all valid questions.
However showing your partner that they still catch your eye is an important part of your relationship. Flirting is an art form in itself and some people are better at it then others. Even pour flirting skills should not stop you from avoiding this important function. If you have to be silly with it and go over the top. Your partner might think you are nuts at first, but believe me it will make them feel important to you.
If you really need help go to the Amazon Side bar and pick up a copy of Flirting for Dummies. Even if you don't need help flirting this book might still give you a some form of flirting that you have missed.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Plans Change!! Unfortunately

Have you ever got together as a couple and set up some great plans set in motion. Maybe you are going to have a great escapade or meet for a romantic dinner. Maybe you are just going to get busy and don't want to be interrupted. Then something happens. That throws you plans into a tizzy. It is usually something that can't be avoided. Like a sick child or parent that needs help or it could even be a work related event. None the less it makes you plans change. You know it can't be helped so why do we feel so disgusted or angry.

We take care of the situation but we never seem to get back to the plans. The evening has been thrown off and their is no getting it back. We are glad we managed to help whoever needed the help but man are we upset it happened.

Welcome to being part of a couple. This is a sign of how strong your relationship is. People with a strong relationship understand their partner has to take care of these things. I suggest when this happens both of you call for a rain check. Don't think of it as missing your opportunity just think of it as a postponement. Nothing in life ever works out perfect so we shouldn't expect it to in our relationships either.

So quite pouting and either set your event up for another day or change it a little so you can still enjoy the evening. If you partner gets called into work on a night you were going to have a romantic dinner out make an adjustment. Find out when he/she is coming home have a pizza and candles burning on the table. If you have a sexy evening planned and one of your kids gets sick as your partner cares for the child write them a sexy note explaining what you are going to do to them tomorrow. In a relationship you have to go with the flow and the flow doesn't always go the way you want it to. Lastly never get upset with your partner when these situations arise, instead thing about how great they are for doing what they are doing for other. Isn't that part of the reason you care about them?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Game of Loaded Questions. (Click here to go to their Website)

I recently went to the book store and found a wonderful game it is called "Loaded Questions" The game is as simple as it can be you just ask the questions and both of you give your best answers. The best part of this game is no wrong or right answers they are all opinions. So you have to do some elaborating to explain your choices to your partner. Yes, there is a board and some strategies I am sure but we just threw out the game and kept the cards. The questions are simple and allow for silly answers. This is great game for couples or for a group. It allows you to laugh and communicate with each other. You might even find out some things you didn't know about your partner. Some of their question are as follows:

1. If you were invisible, where would you go?

2. Name one celebrity that has no right being a celebrity.

3. What two people would you most like to stand next to in a picture?

4. What fad did you pick up that you are most embarrassed about?

Not only do they have a basic version but they also have a political version, a kids version, and an ADULT version (I will have to order that one) I must say I really love this company's take on gaming they have some others you can view on their website, which you can get to by clicking on the title of this post.

You could make these questions up yourself if you are strapped for cash. I however think it better to spring for the game because they are going to hit a lot of subjects you might not think about.

As for what two people would I like to stand between in a picture. My choices would be Adam Sandler and Einstein that way I would be half way between funny and smart!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

To much of a good a bad thing

You know when you do something that really works well. Like say you bring your partner flowers, or take them to that special restaurant. Well it works so well you can't wait to do it again. Well don't, taking something that is special and doing it more often takes away it's special feeling. For example buying your partner flowers as mentioned above is great for anniversaries but if you buy them flowers ever week it takes away it's luster. You have to make sure you don't overdue anything that works well. I suggest taking the twice a year approach. If you have something that works really well in your relationship and makes your partner feel special. You should wait at least six months before you do that activity again. This way there is no fear it will become boring and mundane.

This works in you sexual adventures as well. Yes we all have things we like every time we make love. I am looking for the special activities, like maybe dressing up, or acting out a fantasy. If you haven't figured it out yet variety helps promote great couples. So from your family activities to your alone activities you need to mix them up a little. Excitement only last so long on any new thing, just watch a child that gets a new toy. They won't let go of it when the first take it out of the package but about a week later they might not be able to find it. Let's keep our relationship where we can find it, and mix it up a little.

New and exciting always beats normal and boring.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Stress got you down ..Get out some old pictures.

Is your partner stressed? Are they having a terrible day at work or traffic got them ready to strangle someone. We all feel like this from time to time. When you or your partner are feeling the weight for stress I suggest getting out some of your old photos. Get the ones of the two of you on vacation or on your honeymoon. They can be pictures of your children romping through the woods, or holiday gatherings. The only stipulation is that the events in the pictures were relatively stress free. Remember the time you spend together when you were dating, and the only thing that meant anything was the two of you. Do you have pictures of that time in your life well bring them out if you do. Remember the funny time when your cares where not even present and bring out pictures of that. You might have to do a little digging in the basement or attic but you know that those images are there.

Help your partner recover from their stress. Take them back to a place ,with the use of old photos, that will sooth their inner beast.

We cannot relive the past but we can remember it!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Time to Honor Our Hero's

Yes ladies and gentlemen Iwould like to take a moment to honor all the brave souls living and decesed that protected our great country. I am very proud to live in the USA and think everyone who lives here should be also. So today as a couple you should do a littel research and see how many of your relitives severed in the armed forces. You can also do this for your country if you live outside the USA. No matter what the cause or effect these people were hero's to stand up for their country. Find out how many members of your partners family served their country and maybe you could even find some old pictures of them to copy. Your children or your future children might get a kick out of seeing them later. While I don't agree with the acts of war I do agree that these people should be honored.

So today the message is short and simple for The Couples Spot. Just be proud of the people that have protected your great country. As your at your Cookout today remember this is not just a time to eat and be with friends it is a time to remember.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Exercise Balls - They Are Used For More Than Just Exercise

Have you been wanting to try new positions in your love making? Have you gotten all the books with the positions that you have to be a gymnast to get into. Well, here is a nice little idea that uses an exercise ball. Yes, you heard me right. You know that piece of gym equipment that sits in your corner. You might not think of it as a sexual enhancer, but really think about it for a second. The ball gives you lots of cushion, it bounces with your weight, and dang it is just fun! Believe it or not you can get a book on how to use your exercise ball during sex. Not only does it show you positions, but it also shows you the muscle groups you will be using during each position. So now you can have sex and work on those problem areas at the same time. All joking aside I think this is a wonderful idea. An exercise ball is not intimidating like some sex enhancers and like I said earlier it is fun. 

You can go to the Sexy-Balls website to learn more by clicking the title of this post. Watch the sexy balls video below.