Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wash each others hair. (Click her to learn more about sensual hair washing)

Next time your partner is taking a shower slip in with them and wash their hair. Take turns and return the favor after getting your washed. There is something about someone else running their fingers through your hair. It is accentuated when your hair is wet and soapy. Make sure you naked wet bodies stay up against each other for that added effect. Let the person whom is getting their hair washed enjoy the moment. Take a little longer then when you wash your hair. This is not a "Just get it Done" job, it is meant to be savored and romantic. Make sure you know their routine also. If they use conditioner make sure you use it also. When it is your turn make sure to enjoy the total sensation of getting your hair washed. The scalp massage, the magical fingers playing with your hair, and the rinsing of running water over your entire head.

Thing of this as a cleansing washing all the troubles and concerns out of your partners head. Maybe then some better thoughts will pop into their head (wink, wink). Watch below to get some tips from the Zohan!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Chore List! (Click here to find out more about sexy chore play)

Here is a fun way to get extra chores done around the house. Make a list of chores that you don't do everyday. Now take that list and attach a sexual act to each one. The harder the chore the more exotic the act should be. Examples might be if your partner cleans out the whole garage you would tie them up and pleasure them in ways they never imagined. If they change the bed sheets you might offer to perform oral sex on them. If they wash the windows you could wear some new lingerie for them. The list can be as long as the number of chores you need to complete. Guys this is not just for the ladies you can make a list also. Say for example you would like to have your car cleaned you could offer her a nice massage or the use of a massage!!! Keep the list and pay the cost whenever your partner gets the job done. You will be amazed at how much work you will be able to get done for the right price.
The wonderful painting was created by Farik Osman and is titled "Miss Sexy Chore"

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Saying something nice...

Okay here is your assignment for the day. I want you to say something nice about your partner. Simply enough I am sure you all have tons of things you like to tell your partner about why they are so special. Now here is the catch. You have to say this to another person, not your partner, and I want it to be where your partner can hear you. The assignment just got a little tougher. Social settings make it easier to perform this assignment as you have many people to talk with. With a little thinking I am sure you will be able to find away to accomplish this.

Heck call someone and talk within ear shot of your partner. I think you will see a big smile on their face as you talk about them to someone else. You can add bonus points to your assignment if you can talk about how great they are at intimacy or romance. Heck just pretend you are talking to your buddy or girlfriend on the phone and give some juicy details just not to juicy. For an added touch have someone call you on the phone then tell them to hang up, tell them you just want to test your phone.

We all love to hear good things about ourselves. I make them so much better when you are telling those things to someone else. We know they are true then. You can tell us one thing to our face to be nice but you tell your friends the truth. Now I aspect this assignment to be turned in on time and I hope you put enough effort into it to get an A. Don't forget about the bonus points.

Keep Lovin'


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Just bike it

As we got older and got cars to take us back and forth to events and work, we forgot about some of our early forms of transportation. Namely our bikes. I remember riding around our neighborhood thinking how free I was on my bike. I use to ride by all the girls houses I had crushes on just to see if they were outside. Thinking maybe they would just come and pull me off my bike and kiss me. Well we might not be eleven years old again but we can but some romance back on bike wheels again.

I have been an avid bike rider now for about seven years and I love it. Three years ago I found a new thrill I never knew existed while bike riding. I love getting out and working up a good sweat as I travel the rodes as fast as I could. This thrill, however comes from casually riding with my wife. We wanted to find something good for us to do together that would be healthy. So I suggested riding, she quickly thought that was a good idea. I however thought I had just shot myself in the foot. Ideas ran through my mind of me having to pedal slowly or wait for her to catch up as I exercised. Well I must admit riding with your spouse is different but it is more enjoyable then I ever thought. We get to chat as we ride and we also get away from out daily routine.

We look for trails that have great scenery and that whined through the woods. Not only do we get great exercise but we get to spend time together and stop every once in a while to kiss or just hold each other. You can find loads of trail on the Internet, One that made us wow was one just outside of Branson Missouri. It was a pay trail which put us off a little but we are so glad we did it. The trail had seven waterfalls and some amazing views, we spend half a day on this trail we actually rode it two times. We have also found several trail and each has it's own identity. One trail we like to ride goes right down throgh the middle of a larger city, it as cafes and shops all along the trail. We even take our kids on these trips now, too. Bike is a passion of both of ours now. So go and get your old bike out or just go get a new one. It doesn't have to be an expensive one to get the feeling of flying down the road again. Just remember to wear your helmet.

The fun part is when we are riding I picture my wife as a little girl with her pigtails flying in the air. I just hope maybe she will stop and want to pull me off my bike and kiss me.
(The couple above needs to have helmets on and you might save the hand holding for when you stop)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

If your horny, raise your hand.

Here is a quick activity that will get you hopefully into some intimacy quickly. Walk into the room your partner is occupying and announce in a very loud voice. If anyone is horny in this room raise your hand. The shock value alone will be enough to get a strange look from your partner. Hopefully, they will raise their hand. When they do you go over grab them and quickly head upstairs for a little one on one action. Now don't do this during a family reunion or a party, you might get way to many hands in the air. This is for when you have the house to yourself and, well, your horny!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Helping Hands! (Click here to find ways to help others)

It's time to take some action. Hopefully your relationship is strong and if not, it's time to put that aside for a bit and help someone else. If you look around, I am sure you can find someone not far from you that needs help. The older woman down the street that can't mow her yard very well, the family where both parents are unemployed, or maybe it's just your grandmother that can’t get out to the store very easy. I am sure when you start thinking about it there are several people around you that could use a boost up. Sometimes helping someone else is the best way to help ourselves.

My wife has told me several times about how lucky we are compared to some of the other couples she runs into. I agree with her. Sure there are a lot of things we would like to have, but we don't need them. Go out and do something for someone else with no expectations of a return. I think they call them random acts of kindness. Help someone load his/her groceries in to the car, stop and help someone with a flat tire, clean out your closet and donate all the clothes that you don't wear to charity. If you really think about it, we have an over abundance and it might even seem to others as if we are very rich when we see ourselves as unfortunate.

How can this help my relationship you might ask? Well if you’re asking that question, maybe you’re not ready to complete this activity. You should get a great sense of pride helping other people. That is the reward. Put that into a situation where both of you work together to help someone and you both get that feeling. Sharing that feeling with your partner is worth more money than you could ever make. I would love to hear about the two of you and how you helped someone out, so don't be shy. Share your stories with us.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sleeping In!

I am sure you have heard about the benifits of sleep. Here is a benifit for the couple. Most days we take turns waking up. One of us gets up and heads for the shower while the other one lays in bed for a little while longer. Well Sundays are a great day to sleep in a little longer together. Now I am not saying stay in bed forever, but spend a little extra time just snuggling with each other on a sunday morning. It will do wonders for your relationship. Most days we are so rushed that we forget to connect with our partner in the morning. These lazy sunday days are great to snuggle and chat. Who knows if the moment is right maybe a little morning romp in the hay would get both your days started out fantastic.