Friday, May 15, 2009

Time Away

You know sometimes we all just need some time away. I think this is a good thing in a relationship. It reminds you of the longing you had for each other when you relationship was new. You remember the days hoping the other person would call you for a date. Well when we are apart we need to remember those feeling. Today it is even easier to stay in touch with cell phones and email. So when your a couple you really are never disconnected.

Going to work helps with the separation from time to time. It's nice to come home to your partner when you haven't seen them all day. You usually have things to talk about or concerns that arose during your day. It's a chance for you two to get reconnected on a daily basis. My parents worked together for 20 plus years and when they were off they had nothing to talk about. So I think it is important for a relationship to have time apart.

Now I don't think long absences are necessarily good for a relationship when they are frequent. I do, however, think they are good every once in a while. They bring back those feelings that you really miss your partner. When you know they will be home at five you don't really get the same feeling. Make note of how you feel when your partner returns home from an extended period of time. I bet your heart is racing and you just can't wait to get them in your arms.

Here is an exercise to try. Spend the day apart, totally. No calls, no emails, go for a day away with your friends or just by yourself. Then make dinner plans for the two of you that evening. I want you to not even see each other until dinner time. It will be like a date you had when you were dating. You just might remember how special that person setting across the table from you is. That is if you have forgotten.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Surprise Chore!

If you want to get in good with your partner, do a surprise chore for them. You know one of those things you normal don't do or put off for ever. Like cleaning out the garage, or painting the house or maybe even doing some of your partners chores. To set this up you have to do it on a day where you are off work and your partner has to work. After they leave then you go into action. For example cleaning out the garage will make for a very surprised partner when they return home and put the car in the garage. You can even make it better by saying you will be doing something else that day. You could tell them you are going to the golf coarse or shopping all day. This way they will never even wonder what you are doing with your time off. Now if your partner does hit you with a surprise chore, then you must show your appreciation. A huge kiss, super dinner, or even some knock your boots off sex would be good.

If you can swing another great idea is to sneak to your partners work and take their car and get it cleaned and washed inside and out. then return it to the original spot. Maybe you can tell them you are getting their oil changed or the factory had a recall on a part. Anything so they won't be specious of you taking their car.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Simple White T-Shirts

This may seem a little crazy but one of the most sexy thing in the world is just a plain white T-Shirt. I have heard so many women talk about a guy in just a plain white T-Shirt and jeans. It is a real turn on for them. Of course there are not near as many sexy items made for a man as there are for the ladies. Maybe this has something to do with it. Or maybe it's a throw back to a simpler time where we didn't have advertisements on everything we owned. It looks rugged and maybe that is the appeal. The more and more I think about it the less I understand it. With that said I am not against buying some plain white shirts and trying it out. If it turns my wife on and makes her happy, why not.

As I sit here writing this post I am running images of white T-Shirts on my wife? Hummmm, no bra on and a simple white shirt. Maybe I am over looking this look. It could be a uni-sexual outfit that turns

on both men and women. Well that's enough for today, sorry but I am heading out to our local store to buy some simple white t-shirts. Wish me luck and let me know your feelings on this garment


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Get a book to read at the same time!

I got a great idea from a friend of mine the other day. She told me that her and her husband had gotten the book "His Needs, Her Needs." They were reading it together at night as they lay in bed together, they would take turns reading to each other. I thought what a great idea, so that weekend my wife and I went to a near by bookstore and spent about an hour scouring the relationship aisle. We both picked a book that was meant to improve relationships. We also found a couple of question books that were titled "Do you know your husband" and "Do you know your wife." They were just simple question you filled out about your spouse noting things like what their favorite color is or what their favorite toy was as a child. I must tell you that this is very addictive. We said we were only going to do one page a night but we usually end up doing three. My only fear of this is we are going through the question book to fast and it will be done soon. So if anyone knows of any other question books like this please let me know.

These books have increased our communication tremendously. We spend the first part of the night reading our own book (we will switch when we finish) then we spend about 15 minutes saying did you know... The we fill out our questions and talk about them it is so much fun. I really look forward to it each night. Now we have found something to do in bed together that is not sleeping or well you know.......

Click on the title link to go to the amazon page with these question books on them.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Watch the Young Kids

Do you ever feel like your getting old! I don't me individually I mean as a couple. Do you still hold hands when you are walking someplace. Do you call each other several times a day. Do you kiss often. Well if you think your relationship is getting old. All you have to do to rekindle part of it is watch some kids. Go to the movies and watch the teenagers that are on a date. See how they act toward each other. You can go anywhere, that teenagers go on dates to find out what is missing in your relationship.

Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of taking kids to practice, getting ready for work, making dinner, we lose site of why we started this relationship in the first place. That being the attraction that brought you together. So slow down a little or set sometime aside to act like teenagers again, I am sure you will be glad you did. Just make sure to have your date home by 10pm.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Checks and Balances on Each other.

We all understand the importance of checking for cancer of the breasts and testicles. We all need to be doing our self checks at least once a month. By doing this you can spot a change early and early detections is a must in these situations. Now if you are involved in a relationship or married your partner also has special interests in making sure neither of these dangers hurt or harm your relationship. You can leave with out a breast or a testicle, but do you want to live without your partner.

I suggest checking your partner out as well. This is for everyone if your straight, gay or bisexual. It never hurts to have someone else looking after you. Don't be afraid to let you partner check out your areas either. You can include it as foreplay if you like, but just do it. Take time to study your partners breast feeling them for lumps of things that weren't there the last time you checked. Same for the testicles, any lumps or changes in your partners shape should be address immediately. If you are both doing this once a month you are most likely to catch anything that arises soon. The quicker it is caught the better. Think about hope great you would feel knowing you might have saved the life of your partner. Now, think about how great you will feel getting more time with your partner if you find something early.

This is the classic win/win situation. Now get off your computer and start checking out some balls and breasts. I have included some information that might help you get started. If you need more information see your doctor they will have plenty of pamphlets and flyer's to help you and your partner out.