Saturday, May 9, 2009

Contact Me if you would like some Help!

If any of you viewers has a question or a concern about your relationship, please don't hesitate to ask. I am here to help in whatever manner I can. Send me you questions and I will give you my take on the situation. Your correspondence will always be confidential and private.


Friday, May 8, 2009

Oral Sex with a Barrier

Tonight I want you to perform oral sex on your partner, with a barrier. Say What? Yes you heard me correctly hasn't your partner done something special for you lately? Then you should reward them with this special treat. Get them down to just their undergarments and then stop them. Perform oral sex on them just as you would normally but leave on the undies. This can be even more erotic if the underwear are silk or a smooth fabric. If you practice this enough you might even be able to get them to orgasm with their underpants still on. I will put this out as a challenge to you and your partner. Take turns or go for it as the same time. I personally like to take turns so that both partners have a chance to sit back and enjoy their moment in the sun.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Proof is in the Pudding.

Remember Finger painting in grade school. Today I want you to go out and get some pudding cups. Then I want you to feed it to each other only using your fingers. Don't think about the gross factor think of the erotic factor. Licking pudding from you lovers fingers can be a real turn on. Just make sure you hands are clean and that you have a flavor of pudding you like. Take turns feeding each other the pudding make sure to suck on the fingers a little longer then necessary. See who can lick the pudding off the slowest. If the mood hits you right you might even put pudding in other areas of your body and see what happens. One thing I suggest doing during this event is looking your partner straight in the eyes as you suck the pudding off their fingers. That most likely will give them goose bumps or a little tingle if your lucky.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Recreating Dates

Do you have a special date that you still remember - one that stands out from most of the rest of your dates? Well, I think it is time to recreate that date. Sit down and write all the things you can remember about that special date. It might be the date your partner asked you to marry him/her or your first date. It doesn't matter. Try to remember the little things such as what songs did you hear, who did you see, were there any other people with you. Obviously, the big ones will be where did you go or at what restaurant did you eat. Sit down with all your information and start to put the events in order to the best of your recollection. You might have some challenges. It may be that the place you went for dinner is now out of business or the bar you went to is now a Starbucks. If some of these changes make it impossible to recreate the exact date, then use a substitute. If the dinner was at a pizza joint that is no longer around, just substitute another pizza place. You might want to scope out some places to find the one that most reminds you of the one from the past.

Once you have all of your pieces together and places picked out it's time to ask your special someone out. Ask him/her if he/she remembers the date where you two did this and that. If he/she doesn't, don’t worry. Just tell him/her it is a date you remember, and hopefully, it will jog his/her memory once it begins. On the night of your date actually pick him/her up. You get ready first and then go drive around or something until the correct time to pick him/her up. It sounds kind of corny, but do you remember the butterflies in your stomach standing on the porch knocking on the door. Once he/she answers the door you are now back in time and on that date all over again. Enjoy it for the second time.

I know some couples that have been doing this for a long time. One that I know goes to the same restaurant, where he purposed to her, on their anniversary every year. I also know a couple that met at a concert, and whenever that band is anywhere in the area they make sure to go see them (It's great that they let some of the bands out of the old folks home long enough to put on a show or two). I have also heard of people going to sporting events to recreate dates, parks, doing the same vacations, the list goes on and on. I actually have some friends that go to the same hotel every year and even get the same room, they book it a year in advance before they check out.

This might all sound silly to some of you, but remembering your past good feelings never hurts a relationship, and this is a great way to rekindle anything you might have lost since that special date.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Communication 101

Communication 101


We all hear that communication is one of the most important things in a relationship.  I don't think anyone can debate that.  However, what if you are not the best talker or you have to think your feelings out before you say them?   You partner thinks you are just being silent.  Yet, you are trying not to say the wrong thing.  If one partner is used to speaking his/her mind, it is hard for the other to get his/her feelings out.  Most often what happens is the easy speaking partner will jump into the conversation before the less assertive partner finishes his/her thought.  To communicate when this is the problem takes effort on both of the people in the relationship.  The more timid speaker of the two has to get his/her courage up and his/her in order before speaking, and the more assertive speaker has to back off a little and let the other partner speak at his/her own speed. 


Still, even at best there will still be some communication problems.  Some things I might suggest to help with communication are as follows.  First, try sitting back to back when you need to have a heated discussion.  Sit with your backs touching, this at least gives both of you some comfort as touch is another important part of a relationship.  Some people will be able to speak more from the heart when not having someone staring at him/her waiting for a reply.  If sitting back to back doesn't work, you might try to write your conversation out or since we live in modern times text each other or instant message each other from another room.  Something about conversing over the Internet gives people freedom from their fears of speaking.  But, also be cautious of texting or emailing as one’s tone cannot be understood via written words.  If neither one of these ideas work, you can as a last resort try a mediator.  If you have a close mutual friend you feel comfortable with, let him/her sit in on your communication or you can even get a counselor that can referee your conversations.  I only suggest counseling if you issues are threatening your relationship.   


In closing, remember that words can hurt just as much as physical pain – often times more.  If you never have kind words to express to your partner, he/she will feel less of a person and it could spin your relationship towards trouble.  If you need more help or assistance finding communication help, get online and do some searching.  I really like a gentleman that goes by the title "The Tower of Power".  Joshua  Uebergang is his real name, and you can find his web site at

Monday, May 4, 2009

Tell us your Fantasies!!!!!

We want to read your erotica?  So sit down and write out your hot story and email it to us.  We would be very happy to see what people out there are fantasizing about.  Make it a join effort the two of you sit down together and plan out an extra special night of sexual conduct.  Just make sure to finish writing before you attack each other.  Just don't send us the papers that you rolled around on!!

Again as a couples activity take time and plan out your story.  Don't just rush right through it.  Read and reread it over and over.  Make it just right.  It should get you both as horny as possible.  Then send it to us.  Put it on a blog yourself and we will post the link to your blog in honor of you erotica debut. 

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rainy Day - Great time to snuggle down

I don't know about everyone else, but a rainy day seems to turn me on. I enjoy hearing the rain as a backdrop for a romantic evening with my wife. The rhythmic sounds against our roof, gives me a since of calm and safety. It really gets me in the mood for love. I have to say I believe that my favorite time to be intimate is when it is raining. How can you not think rain is sexy? So many movies use the kiss in a warm summers rain, and it never fails to be a hot scene. With the clothes clinging to the couple and all their attention focused on each other. They don't even notice it's raining.

I also enjoy the thunder and lightning during intimate times. It makes you seem so much closer to your partner, never knowing when the booms and crashes will come. The storms strobe light, lights up your room from time to time. Now that is sexy. Now we can't predict when it's going to rain but we can set the mood, if that is what you like. They have recordings of rain storms that you can play in the background. I have also seen a video with the flash of lightning that crashes across the screen from time to time.

To me it seems like the violence of nature is soothed away by passion. A metaphor for a passionate night of sex. Think about it the storm creeps in slowly. Then before you know it thunder and lightning are all around you. At last peace comes back and calm covers the area that has just been cleansed. Sound like a night filled with passion to me!