Saturday, May 2, 2009

Go Test Driving. (Click here to see how to properly test drive a car)

Want a cheap form of entertainment? Go test drive cars with your partner! Yeah just go out and test drive some cars. It doesn't matter if you are serious about buying or not. Most places, at least here in Indiana, will let you drive any car on the lot with just a copy of your drivers licence. So if you don't have any money this is a great activity and a way to impress your friends. After you get out in the car make sure to drive by your friends houses. This will make them think you have purchased a new car. Make sure to roll down the window with he sticker on it. Wave and honk as you slowly curse by. Do this is several different models and you will defiantly get them thinking. Just always make sure to return the car.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Choosing a Movie Theater for Home.

Today life is so fast-paced that we seldom have time to take our sweetie to the movies. Either the times don't work out right or we don't have the hundreds of dollars it will take to purchase a ticket and snacks - Last time I went it was under a hundred, but let’s just use that as a general feeling. Nowadays, you can rent a movie not long after it has been in the theaters, and we have recently been downloading them from iTunes. I believe Netflicks has the downloading available also. It doesn't take much for us to get a movie and watch it on our time. We can pause it or stop it when we have things that arise like bathroom breaks or putting kids to sleep. But, just because we can’t find the time to attend the show at the theater doesn't mean we have to lose the ambiance.

Next time you get a movie to watch at home take some time and set up your own little theater in the family room. Move the couch around to sit right in front of the television. Make a trip to the local discount store and pick up all the snacks you would get at your local movie theater. They are much cheaper this way, and you usually get more for your money. Microwave some popcorn. You can even get some of those super humongous cups to get the real movie theater feel. Turn off all the lights in the house, and presto you have your own movie theater. You can even watch the previews at the start of the disc if you want to get a more authentic feeling. iTunes even carries trailers of movies that are not out in theaters yet.

Most movies have ratings like PG-13 or R. You need to decide what your theater rating will be! If you’re doing this with your children, you can use a G rating. Use pretend money and make tickets. The kids can use it to “purchase” their snacks and tickets. This is a good way to make sure they don't over do it on the snacks. Only give them enough play money to purchase a set amount of candy. If you want your theater to have a PG-13 rating you could invite all your teenage children’s friends over for a showing. Just get some extra folding chairs and presto you can create a teenager’s dream - all of their friends at the movies together. The R rated theater is probably just for the two of you (just depends on what you allow you kids to watch). Since the kids are probably in bed and no one else is in the theater let the make out session begin. Heck, if you know you won't have any interruptions, you can even slip into the X rating.
Click on the title of this post if you would like to find out how to really turn your living room into a movie theater.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Name that Tune? (Click here to download iTunes for Help on this topic)

Here's is a great game to play with you partner. The classic name that tune. I have several ways to play. I got the idea from my sister who everyday post song lyrics on her facebook profile and asks friend to name that tune. This is a great game between the two of you however. If you are apart during the day, text song lyrics to your partner, then see how long it takes them to figure out the song. When they get the song right they get to text you song lyrics back and you have to guess. See if you can stump them or if they will stump you. You can also do this by recording a song on their voice mail, while they are at work and have them check it on lunch.

If you happen to be a home together with nothing to do. This just get on itunes and take turns picking songs for the other to guess. Make the person guessing turn away from the computer screen and then you search for you song. Click on it for a sample and have them try to name that tune. I have put a link for itunes in the title message of this post. So what are you waiting for I can name that song in 5 notes can you do better.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fashion Show Tonight!

Tonight I want you to do one thing. Go to your closet and pick out something your partner loves to see you in. I don't care if it jeans, a beautiful dress, lingerie, or your swimsuit. Now I want you to have a fashion show for them. When they get home parade around in front of them showing off all your assets. This is for both men and women, don't be a chicken. If nothing else get a good laugh out of it. I recommend watching the movie Zoolander to get ideas on modeling with humor. Sorry if I offend any models, I know that is just a stereotype but Zoolander is a hilarious movie.

If you can create a runway do it, or come flowing down the stairs. Make sure your partner knows that the reason you are modeling these garments. You did it because of comments they made the last time you wore the items. Then based on the outfit go out and enjoy yourselves. If it's lingerie however you might want to stay in and enjoy yourselves.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


One of the most common fights couples have is about money. There never seems to be enough money when you are trying to budget for two or a whole household. Yes we have to set boundaries and budgets yet we also have to have a little freedom. My feelings are that you need to have one checkbook that takes care of your household bills, car payments, insurance, etc. That way the both of you can oversee the finances. This checkbook should stay at the house never to leave. If you need to use it for groceries, or outside purposes, get a debit card. Neither partner should carry this checkbook around with them. That is set in stone, both of you know exactly where that checkbook is at all times. You can designate one or both of you to pay the bills as they come in.

Now here is where I side track from most people. I think that both partners should also have either their own checking account or at least a preloaded debit card. Why? you might ask. Because we all have things we would like to purchase that we don't want to have to ask the other partner if it is okay. Set a predetermined amount to deposit in these accounts each pay period and then hands off the others account. This will allow them to save for things they might want to purchase or to buy you presents for anniversaries, birthdays, or other holidays. We use to keep all our money in one pot and it made if very difficult to purchase an anniversary present for my wife. Either I would ask her for a certain amount of money and then I had to answer 20 questions as to why I needed it. If I didn't get approval first the checkbook would show the deed anyway. Then I would be answering questions like "Why did you write a check to Victoria's Secret the other day" Thus my surprises where always blown.

If you decide to do this you cannot judge the other person on what they buy with their budgeted amount. For instance if you partner saves their money and purchases a $250 ipod. You cannot say "We could have used that money to buy this or that" They have made the effort and sacrificed other things to get this item. Make an effort to understand their purchase, usually most people have a reason to buy something. This technique also helps out if one of you is a classic over spender. Now they are limited to only the amount in their checking account, while the other remains off limits to both partners.

Relationships are tough enough but throw in money problems and they become even tougher. This ours, mine and yours technique gives everyone a little variance and a chance to purchase things without getting approval from the relationship committee. Lastly just to add don't make these individual accounts with credit cards that can be a nightmare only use accounts where you deposit money and that is all you can withdraw.
Click on the title line of this post and go to Oprah's website that gives you more information on finances for couples.

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Chase

Here’s a fun little game you can play with your partner. I like to call it “the chase”, and basically it is just like the game you used to play on the playground during recess. You take turns being the one that is the chaser and the one who is being chased. However, now that you are adults, or are at least pretending to be an adult, the game becomes a little more intriguing. During recess you used to be confined to the limits of the playground, but now that you are older you have the run of everywhere. You can use all your modern devices. The person that is getting chased sets up the game by picking out a place to meet or an activity to accomplish. He/she gives the other person clues to where he/she is. Sound interesting? Well, it is. For example, if you want to meet your partner at a special restaurant, you might call him/her on his/her cell phone and tell him/her clues as to your whereabouts. Make it interesting by leading him/her through your town. Maybe you will have them stop and pick you up flowers or something special for later in the evening. You can use note cards if you like, but then you always are wondering if the other person is on the right track. If you are connected with a cell phone at least if they get lost you can call them up and laugh at them.
Another version of this would be if you’re out of town and don't know the area you are in. You might find a special attraction in the area and just leave your lover a card with an address on it that they can plug into his/her GPS. I can feel my adrenaline rushing just thinking about some of the adventures you can have with this game. Be creative and use all the new technology available to you, such as your cell phone, GPS, walkie talkies, digital cameras, laptop computers, etc. If it can send a message, you can use it. You don't even have to venture out of your house to enjoy this game. Say you want to have an intimate evening with your partner. You could dress up in some beautiful lingerie or sexy boxers and hide somewhere in your house. Set your phone on silent and send your partner clues via text messaging. Eventually leading him/her to the prize, which is you! You could use it for a surprise birthday party too. Get all of your friends involved, and have them send your special someone a barrage of messages. Get lost in a crowd and use your text messaging to have your favorite someone find you. Send your wife/husband video clips of you at some of the places you went on dates at in the past. Challenge your partner by making the clues a little difficult. You could even use life lines if they can't figure some of your clues out.
The object of this game is to build anticipation and to get your partner stirred up about what is about to happen to you two. This diversion takes some time and planning to make it work out. But, if you lay the plan out right, the results can take you and your partner through the roof.

Be sure to charge up all your electronic devices and use your technology to spice up your day.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lets focus on Nipples. (Specific Blog page dealing with nipple play)

I think we all understand that the nipple is an erogenous zone. I mean just touch your own and you can tell it is sensitive, unless you have had some sort of problem in the past. I want the two of you to put more focus on the nipple the next time you are intimate. I want you to go all out, so start making some notes and plan accordingly. Definitely use your mouth on your partners nipple, but don't just use your mouth. Get some toys or props to help get your partners nipples has hard as you can. Vibrators are not just for the lower part of the body, they can be great nipple stimulator, also. Oils and lubes are another of the products you probably have on your headboard that can arouse a nipple very fast. If you have ones that heat up, that is always a nice sensation to feel. Get some ice cubes and have a frosty nipple, just make sure you warm it back up. You also need to find out what your partner can take in nipple play. Do they like them to be pulled on hard, or squeezed, some people like them nibbles on or bit. Preferences can change from day to day also so be prepared their is not a master plan. You can also try different food items on the nipple to be licked off such as honey, chocolate, whip cream, or even fruit slices. I know I am going to get a lot of flack about making sure not to forget about the rest of the breast. I know that it is important also but, this time I want you to only focus on the nipple. Make it a nippalicous day.

As I am writing this I realize that I haven't made one thing clear. I want to make a point this is for both men and women, both of your nipples are meant to be played with. So ladies do the same for you men as you would like them to do for you. I have heard of people being able to get off from nipple play. I however don't think I could ever ejaculate because of nipple stimulation but I do love the sensation.
Clicking on the title will take you to a page with more specific forms of nipple play.
Enjoy your nipples!