Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Stars at Night Look Big and Bright (Click here to learn about constellations)

Here is a quickie that will be a wonderful event between you and your partner. Find some cushions, bean bag chairs, or even a blanket, and on the next clear warm summer night head outside. Arrange whatever sitting or laying device you have brought out and position it so that you can gaze skywards without straining your neck. Also, make sure that in this position you can touch or hold your partner. Then simply relax and enjoy the greatest light show in the universe. This is a great stress reliever also as it seems to put some perspective into your life. You could even brush up a little on your astronomy or even purchase a book showing the constellations so that you and your partner can enjoy trying to point them out to each other. If you have a quiet back yard, you might even bring out a little mood music or even just a taping of a waterfall or rain. But, first and foremost relax, take your time and enjoy searching the cosmos with your love.

Not a night person? You can do the same thing during a warm summer day, but instead of stars use clouds. Point out clouds and what their shapes look like to you, and then see what your partner sees in the same cloud. It is quite interesting to see the differences in your ideas. Don't be afraid to involve your children in this too. I love to hear the perspective of a young child, and this will bring you closer as a family, which will bring you closer as a couple.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Speed Cleaning, The Race is on! (click here to go to amazon and view the speed cleaning book)

No one and I mean no one like to think about spring cleaning. It takes so much time and effort and can ruin a absolutely pretty day. Well here is a way to add some fun into the cleaning. Make it a challenge between the two of you. Divide up the house or just pick a room a piece and see who can get done the fastest. Now the areas divided have to be about equal and you must decide how clean the area must be. After you have laid the ground work set a starting line and get down in a sprinters squat and if you have a staring pistol shoot it, if not just someone say go. Set up a extra chore for the loser such as having to fix dinner that night or something along that lines. Turn on some music and clean as quick as you can, pick in on each other from time to time to see where you stand. No cheating don't take things form your area and move them to your partners area (I know how you are guys). Run through your partners area from time to time to do a little trash talking, things like "I'm cleaning so fast it looks like your standing still" or "Are you cleaning or posing for a picture?" are some good ones. In the end your house will look better and you should have saved some time that you can spend together well after the loser finishing cooking a great supper.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Let's Dance (Click here to learn more about the health benifits of dance.)

When is the last time the two of you went dancing. Well I know, my wife and I have all the excusses. We can't find a sitter, we don't want to be out late, we don't like the bar scene, we could go on and on. Well you don't have to go out to dance. Today I want you to take this challenge. When you and your partner are together tonight put on some of your favorite music and get up and dance. The type of dance doesn't matter if you are a silly couple dance like a monkey, if your a couple well trained in the dance do a tango, but no matter what for you last dance make it a slow one. Pick a song where you can slow dance and get closes and just sway together. This makes the heart swoon.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bored Games!

I think at some point and time in everyone's life they have played some type of board game. They can be challenging and fun. Some however are long a drawn out such as monopoly, for example. Well to make your game a little more exciting put a wager on it. Your wager can be anything from household chores to sexual challenges. The point being put something on the line as you play the game it make you take a whole lot more interest in it. A good idea I have found also is to set a limit for the game. You can say we will play for an hour and the one who has the most money at that time is the winner or you might say whoever reaches so many points wins. The point of this is to get the bore out of the board games. In today's society most people don't have 3 or 4 hours to play a game so just reduce the time a little and it makes it more fun.

If you are having trouble finding a way to make your board games more exciting. Then you need to do what a friend of mine suggests, and that is to put the word strip in front of the game title. That will always add a little excitement.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Volunteer Together (Click here to goto Volunteer

Want to do something fun together and help out your fellow humans or beasts! Pick an organization and volunteer together. Not only do get to help others less fortunate than yourself. You get to spend quality time together working for a cause. Some suggestions might be the local human shelter, a homeless kitchen, or even at your local church. Anything where you are not the beneficiary of the action. As you walk away together arm in arm you will realize just how important your relationship is.

Above is a link to Volunteer Match. org for you to find a charity that matches the two of you!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Are you ready for your Oral Exam!

Okay time for some intimacy improvement topics ( if you are embarrassed by sex take scroll down to the next post) I am a firm believer in education and I think many people could benefit a lot by reading books that improve you sex life. I want to focus today on oral sex. Oral sex has been around forever it just until recently became a topic you could discuss in public. Most people enjoy either giving it or receiving it, or in my case I enjoy both. Oral sex is not just something you jump into it takes practice and some trial and error to get just the right combination for a couple. This is where the education comes into play. There are several books written on oral sex techniques and I suggest picking up one. Actually I suggest picking up two one for him and one for her. Below I have pasted some pictures of a few I think are beneficial however please browse around there are several to choose from. (I chose She comes first, Tickle his pickle, The low down on going down, and Blow him away.)
Clicking on the title link will take you to where you will find a bunch of books on this subject.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Smootch Time!

One of the most anticipated events in our relationships is the first kiss. So how come that excitement doesn't linger when we are on our 2,765th kiss. Here is my take, in the begining we do not expect the kiss, we want it but we don't take it for granted. Now after we are comfortable and we get into a routine, kissing loses it's thrill. We all know the out the door kiss, that we do everyday as we are leaving for work. Well I think we can break this mold and get kissing back to a passionate event.

Next time you and your partner are together sit down and write down 3 times of the day. Take turns picking and make them random. Then as they say in the spy movies synchronize your watches and at each of those times the both of you are to meet at a designated area and share a passonate kiss. I think you will find yourself watching the clock a litte and hopefully getting a little excited about Smootch Time! See if your actions are a little different as the time gets closer are you figiting a little in your chair, are you looking for a breath mint, or are you daydreaming about the up coming kiss. It's okay build up some anticipation it's good for your relationship.

By clicking on the title line you will be taken to The Art of Kissing website for a little more information on kissing.

Now loosen up those lips and get ready to kiss.