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Happy Days Everyday


“Happy Days Everyday Debuts As #1 Self-Help Book In 2020”
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Happy Days Everyday by Caesar Osiris launched as the #1 Self-Help book release on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) October 22nd, 2020

LAB H Media is delighted to announce the launching of Happy Days Everyday, a self-help book by Caesar Osiris. Critics are loving this book and everyone who reads it finds a way the book can improve their emotional intelligence and life skills to thrive, succeed, and live a happy life. 

Happy Days Everyday is a self-help book that will help you to unlock the power within you to live a happy and joyful life by developing emotional intelligence. You are the observer, the audience of a show called “YOU”, tell the story you want to tell with your life and make it a joyful one. The book includes a 22 Days “Quantum Joyfulness” Transformation Program and 100 Principles of Happiness. 

Life is bliss, a garden that makes you the gardener who gets to choose the flowers, plants, and vegetables you want to grow. A gardener who knows what doesn’t belong in that garden. If you are seeking to maintain your levels of joy and happiness, or simply develop the skill of living a happy life, then this book is for you.

David Schiff reviewed the book as, “Fantastic! The book helped me identify unhealthy emotional patterns blocking me from living to my fullest potential and simply be happy again. I had a breakthrough moment without a doubt.”  

Caesar Osiris is a director, singer-songwriter. His work has been featured in Buzzfeed, MTV UK, iHeart Radio, Telemundo, NBCUniversal, and more. Caesar has directed short films, documentaries, online content, commercials, music videos, campaigns, sketch comedy, and more. Fluent in different genres and for diverse industries, through his creative expressions, Caesar seeks to inspire for a bright, sustainable future for our planet.

For more information about where to buy the book go to The book debuted as the #1 self-help book and book for depression of 2020


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Success or Failure in Your Relationship


Success or Failure in Your Relationship: 

With over twenty years of married-life experience, I will answer the following key questions: How do couples stay together? And why do they fall apart? I’ve written about the 4 most important concepts that make a relationship work. 

Many wonder what exactly is wrong with their relationship, and others can’t figure out why it’s not working for them.There are also those who are not in a relationship, but they desire a lifetime partner.Finding someone is a different matter. 

Finding the right person and having the relationship you want are the most important personal and emotional areas that are the building blocks for lifelong happiness.


Thursday, November 19, 2020

Aphrodite Goddess of Love and Sexiness


Aphrodite Goddess of Love

Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, lust, procreation, sexual reproduction and fertility. Her Roman equivalent is the goddess Venus. She is also the protector of the sailors and the myrtle, the dove, the sparrow, the swan, the apple, the scallop shell and the mirror are sacred to her. She is accompanied by the winged god of love called Eros.

Aphrodite the goddess of love has her origins from ancient civilizations. Her origins can be traced from the old Asian Goddesses like the Mesopotamian Ishtar and the Palestinian goddess i.e.the ancient Semitic goddess of love Ishtar. So the Greek were not the first to worship the goddess of love. Matter of fact the ancient Greek themselves believed that Aphrodite was both Greek and foreign in origin. It is said that she was in fact "Cyprian" and many of her attributes reflect the origins of Asian Mycenaean times. She is a mix of Hellenic or Aegean Goddess. She also latter got identified with Venus the Roman goddess of love. Her offspring's are said to be the founder ruling clan of the roman civilization.

Aphrodite: The dual birth story

The Goddess of love has two birth stories and one relates to her birth from Uranus and here she is called as the Aphrodite Uranus or Celestial Aphrodite and through this birth she manifests all higher quality of love that is pure and spiritual. In this manifestation she is linked to the creation of the world and that makes her one of the oldest divinities who is present from the beginning of time. On the other hand there is another birth story attributed to her where she is known be the daughter of Zeus. In this manifestation she is linked to the basal nature of love, lust and physical satisfaction. Therefore Aphrodite seems to be a goddess who can manifest all the qualities of love from the most basal and physical to highest order of spiritual love.

Aphrodite: In Mythological manifestations

She is patron deity of love and she has assisted both human and divine lovers. She was involved in bringing together the most famous couple of Greek myth that is Paris and Helen. She was also a goddess who was personally involved with lot of lovers both divine and human. She was considered as a unique and powerful deity with tremendous powers in the matter of love, freedom and human feelings.

Aphrodite: Hidden powers

Her domain of influence included the innermost feelings of the heart and the reservoir of human passion. Such power was revealed through her actions both towards her faithful followers and those who incited her anger. She was particularly wrathful against those who tried to disrupt or prevent the natural workings of love and sexuality. Her abilities where not just a tool for creating petty love but a real instrument of power which could kindle and awaken the innermost hidden passions of love in all beings.

Aphrodite: True meaning of her manifestations

In her basal manifestation, she was the symbol of freedom and liberated sexuality. She was a rebel in true sense and her seductive abilities where of the highest order. Nobody could resist her charms that came from her embroidered griddle that, in both gods and men aroused passion for the wearer. She was in fact feared and that's why anybody who opposed the workings of love and sexuality condemned her reputation. She had lovers among both God and human. Her affairs with the God of War, Ares and creation of many children is the most well known affair with the divine. On the other hand she is also credited in giving birth to the founder of the nation of Italy and the mystical founder of the Roman people, Aeneas who is one of the most well known mortal children she had. Aeneas was born with her liaison she had with a shepherd. Her control over love and passion was complete and with this power she could influence both the divine and the mortal in a profound manner.

Aphrodite: A glimpse of the War Goddess

Aphrodite may have been also projected as a war goddess especially in Sparta which was a militaristic state and where even girls where raised in militaristic traditions. She was also paired with the god of war, Ares in mythology and worship. Even when her origins are traced to the ancient goddesses we find the attribute of goddess of war being projected. Ishtar the ancient goddess to whom she is linked was a goddess of war and fertility.

Aphrodite: Her celebration in art and festivals

As a Greek goddess of love, beauty, fertility and passion she had rich presence in numerous myths, poems, plays and stories. She was richly depicted in Greek sculpture and vase painting. She was often depicted nude. Vase paintings of antiquity have shown her associated with the dove and the goose on which she is seen riding. She has also been painted riding the giant scallop shell. Venus de Milo, the statue with a lost arm is one of her famous representations. In ancient Greece her festival the Aphrodisiac was celebrated in various centers and her priestesses were considered to be goddess and sexual intercourse with them was considered as a way of worship of the goddess.

Aphrodite: The true symbolization

Aphrodite was truly a powerful and influential goddess of the Greek who symbolized love, passion and freedom. Her worship was a celebration of the most primal instincts of the human nature as well as the highest ideals of love and emotion. She represented the most basal passions of physicality as well as the most scared, pure, compassionate and spiritual manifestation of love. She was a goddess to whom humanity could closely relate to in terms of fertility, nurturing and growth.

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This site envisions the rise of womanhood in true sense that is the rise of the "essence" of womanhood in the physical, mental, intellectual and the spiritual planes. It calls for the beginning of a campaign for the true rise of women in all spheres of life for the restoration of the balance in nature.

Somewhere we have to make a beginning and it's always better if we make the initiation at our own self. We can strengthen this mass movement for the "rise of womanhood" by bringing about the necessary changes in our own life as felt by our inner self. Further we can transmit the new thinking to others who care to listen. A small step today will definitely lead to a giant leap tomorrow.

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Monday, November 16, 2020

Feisty Blonde

The Feisty Blonde

If you are ever in Texas you have to stop by Hops Fusion Ale Works to try out the Feisty Blonde.  While the name hints at a sexy taste it goes way beyond to the point of an orgasmic experience.  But this is not light brew at 8.27% this Feisty Blonde can kick her butt for real. 

Now if your more into Redhead they have you covered as well.


Saturday, November 14, 2020

Lean Meals for Everyone


•Over 200 healthy, nutritious and tasty meal ideas.
•A wide range of recipes to suit everyone including vegans, vegetarians, meat eaters, intermittent fasters.
•Categorised calorie-based recipes and meal plans taking away the need to count calories.
•Simple descriptions interlaced with over 250 full-colour photographs and illustrations.
•An introduction to specific dieting regimes at the start of each section.
•A range of delicious hot and cold drinks you can consume whilst fasting.
•Foods and fluids you can consume to reduce bloating and excess water retention.
•10 of the most effective natural appetite suppressants.

Friday, November 13, 2020

The Haunted Date Night


The Haunted Date Night

Want something exciting and unusual to do on your next date night?  Why not explore a haunted building.  Now I am not talking one of these haunted attractions that pop up around Halloween where they focus on jumping out and scaring you with people dressed up.  I am suggesting going to visit a house that has actually had paranormal activity documented.  Every state has haunted locations and many of which you can access by a tour or the ability to walk around.  The image above is of the Stanley Hotel in Colorado and it allows you to walk the grounds and even explore the first floor lobby.  I have been to the Stanley and it is a wonderful experience, others I have visited include The Winchester Mystery House, The Whaley House, the Baker Hotel, and many many more.  These haunted dates spark some amazing conversation and gives you both something to share with your family and friends.  Yes, they will think you are nuts but that isn't all bad.  


Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Jamaica for Lovers

Jamaica is for Lovers

Why do millions of lovers flock to Jamaica be it for weddings or get aways?  Well for starters the beautiful waters are a big draw, but there is so much nature and amazing things to see from Dunns River Falls to the Haunted Rose Hall Plantation.  For Such a small island Jamaica has so many wonderful things to do.  However, it might just be the laid back attitude the draws lovers allowing them to reconnect and enjoy each other in a beautiful and wonderful way.  Consider Jamaica for your next get away with your lover it will not disappoint.  


Saturday, November 7, 2020

Financial Health vs. Sexual Health


Financial Health vs. Sexual Health
In your Relationship

The two biggest issues in relationships are finances and sex, so which is more important?  Maybe one is not more important than the other.  Maybe we need to have a balance of both in our relationship for both to be healthy and happy.  Obviously we want both to be healthy and happy and putting all the focus on one or the other might only lead to an imbalance in your relationship.  While they are both very different they are both equally important to your life together.  That means that you have to give them both equal importance to have the stellar relationship we all desire.  

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Great Wedding Presents


Two Sexy Challenge Books that Make great presents for any occasion.  

Sex can be just sex. The mechanics of it can be planned out and the outcome you desire can be achieved as a purely physical act. It is possible that this can leave you feeling wonderful and physically connected with your partner. But, what if it could be so much more? What if the pleasure you feel now could be doubled, tripled or increased beyond belief? Would you want to experience that? Sexy Challenges can take you to a place where sensual love and sacred sex combine to form an experience that lifts you to new heights. Your experiences can move beyond just the physical. You might be surprised to learn that each orgasm you share with your beloved actually contains the vastness of the Universe. Inside this exciting book, you will discover fifty sexy challenges. These encompass a wide range of experiences. Through the fun, laughter, communication, romance and passion of these challenges the connection with your partner can become more powerful than you ever expected. You can touch the untouchable. The god or goddess within you can be revealed.

Sexy Challenges 33 Adventures: Create Powerful Energy With Passion Purpose and Love 

Whether you want deep soulful lovemaking or hot-rip-your-clothes-off sex, you can consciously connect to your spirituality, your friskiness, your heart and your lover every time with these 33 unique sexy challenges. Dr. Rob Alex in an amazing power guru who helps you and your partner open your hearts, souls, minds and bodies through playful, metaphysical spirituality and sexuality. Lovemaking is far more than just a physical interaction between lovers. It is actually a sacred journey you and your partner travel together. One of the greatest things about Sexy Challenges is that they're easy, practical and a lot of fun. And, they lead you on a mystical journey like no other. Most couples want to keep their relationship hot and sexy, but aren't sure how to do it. On top of that, they crave a spiritual connection. However, blending the sexy and the spiritual can seem confusing or even impossible. Drs. Rob and Janelle have created a solution with these almost effortless ideas for you and your lover. Plan your sexy date nights with the couples' sexual planner while creating planned spontaneity. Transform yourselves into vampires or Egyptian lovers. Build a love retrieval machine while exploring an orgasmic reincarnation. Spin the bottle and sensually motivate your partner. When you experience these 33 adventures you'll discover how to create powerful energy with passion, purpose and love. You'll even learn how to sexually charge your money! No matter how you look at it, Sexy Challenges 33 Adventures will set your lingerie, spirituality and intimacy on fire.